Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brain Drain has stopped or not?

In India, IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) was incorporated in various parts of the Country by the Indian Government, after a special resolution was passed in the parliament.
These Institutions remained the premiere Institutions in India, as for as higher studies are concerned. The Government pumped so much of money into these Institutions to boost the academic levels of the Country and to make students as competitive as any students in the developed Country.

But for the past thirty years, most of the passed out students placed them in jobs outside Indian, mostly in USA and European. Though the purpose of starting IITs is for improving the Country, the purpose is not fulfilled, as those who studied here in IITs had gone to US or Europe for the jobs and the investment put by India on those students were not utilized for India.
For the past three decades, the debate on this subject of Brain drain has taken place in all circles of the Country. But, now the trend has changed. We have seen some US and European Nationals have come to India for working in leading IT and Telecom Companies.
Now it seems the brain drain has started to stop. The sole reason for this is the massive economic growth we have seen in India. The GDP grew more than 8% for the past three years. Becoming of an IT Capital of world has boosted the pay for the employees and for some of them, the salary is much more than what their counterparts are getting in US or Europe.
This has stopped the brain drain as the IITician’s are getting abundant opportunities in India itself.  The purpose of starting the IITs has fulfilled after more than 3 decades. If this growth continues in India further, even foreign would come to work in India.
The days may not be too far.


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