Saturday, April 3, 2010

N-VIRO the opportunity fuel and fertilizer

Dear friends! Good day to you!! And Today I am going to share with you all about a company of International Standard and with International Acceptance with patent technology for process of treatment and reusing of bio-organic wastes. They are recycling the certain bio organic wastes given out by the major cement and electric utilities industries. N-VIRO process has been commercially utilized for recycling of waste water sludge from the waste water treatment plants. N-VIRO process treats the sludge with alkaline ad mixture and reduces the odor also removes the toxic components and produce N-VIRO Soil an end product which is bio organic and mineral fertilizer. Thus they convert the waste into useful humus. NVS has already proved that it control very much the parasitic soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and increase the benefit of the user. NVS have long time stability odor free and is similar to that of the soil for the useful microorganisms. So the bio solids in the sludge is converted into a useful end product namely NVS.
N-VIRO not only converts the waste in to fertilizers they also convert that into a renewable alternative fuel which is named as N-Viro Fuel. It is a boon to the world which is already suffering with the scarcity of fuels. And this scarcity can compensate with this alternative energy source.


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