Thursday, June 16, 2011

China raising up ...

China is emerging as both leading markets and rising economic power, and meeting with impressive rates of double-digit growth for several years. China's financial sector also benefits from good economic policy. countries, also following the path of openness and market liberalization in accordance with agreements signed by China to the WTO in January 2001 emerging well.

Historically, between the restructuring of agriculture, industry and the banking sector, the government, in the early 1980 gives priority to primary and secondary sectors to the detriment of the banking sector which will bear the cost of the transition economy. This position has resulted in delaying the development of banks in China and weighed on the accounts of the major institutions with bad debt rates sometimes exceeding 40%. Faced with the need for modernization of the Chinese banking, the government changed tack and have signed the WTO agreement to liberalize the banking market in 2001.
Since then, many international banks, anxious to find alternatives to growing their domestic market less dynamic, investing heavily in emerging countries and primarily in the "Middle Kingdom" which presents serious advantages …

Since January 2007, the news is full of examples of foreign investment through equity, joint ventures or acquisitions in the Chinese banks. We made especially Citigroup, which won the "Guangdong Development Bank" in front of the SG, Bank Of China 10% owned by RBS or the Construction Bank of China 9.1% owned by Bank Of America. Overall, although the role of foreign banks is negligible - they represent less than 2% of Chinese assets - their position continues to grow.

Chinese and foreigners have much to gain from the recent opening of the market (2001). Indeed, the Chinese banking sector needs foreign players to upgrade the profession and make a transfer of skills; foreign players in turn reap the benefits of Chinese growth.

However, prudential Chinese are real barriers to entry for foreign banks: capitalization of at least 1bn Yuan, exposure to a single client must not exceed 10% stake in the subsidiary and the ratio of loans / deposits do not exceed 75%.

But the stakes are: market access abysmal savings of Chinese households is worth the investment for many banks and foreign insurers. Candidates rush to the office of the CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) and the Chinese newspapers that tell of six banks, want to establish subsidiaries of Chinese law. Several big names such as HSBC, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank or JP Morgan have also applied. It's a safe bet that the list will grow as and regulatory developments and market opening...


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