Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cqwen Website Review

Hi, friends to day I come across a website and I wish to share my opinion here with you. With a name like I expected to see some professionalism and I was not disappointed. CqWen
 looks like a professional website as well as there are lots of technology related content is there. The content scores the high marks here. When I first saw the home page looks very simple and elegant. The website is very rich in content almost five hundred pages are there. It looks like a SEO blog

. The “SEO” and “Internet” menu in the Menu bar is well placed. I would like to suggest use more thumbnails beside the text will make the home page more beautiful. The content in the SEO menu have plenty of SEO tips.
  There are plenty of On page and Off page optimization tips are there.
 This is site is very professional in terms of content and template design. More professional look and feel gives a positive vibe which will hold the visitors to stay more time. This web site would be very convenient for any page resolution. The loading time is very good since the entire site contain more text than the images. The color scheme applied here is very ease on the eyes and encouraging the reader. The domain name is well suited and worth a visit.


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