Friday, June 10, 2011

EasyPhonia VoIP services

Voice over IP or VoIP has absolutely revolutionized the world’s phone system. EasyPhonia offers VoIP solution for both of your business and home. They offer various plans than best suits to your budget and need as well. Their VoIP solutions made the international and distance calls very simple and inexpensive. EasyPhonia does not charge even a single penny more; you are only paying for your actual usage. They are not charging for connection or maintenance.

Their VoIP telephone service is designed and engineered to fulfill the needs of every customer. It is designed so to meet various scenarios for example: A traveling business man can be called by his international offices or his worldwide customers with a local number of those respective areas and the call will be directly forwarded to his cell phone too. Through a local access number EasyPhonia makes your international calls in local call charges (or even free of charge with internal number). This is quite unbelievable, isn’t it? But it is true. Even they can assign toll free numbers of the home country for the call centre working abroad in matter of seconds. By logging in to the user portal you can get the instructions and assistance apart from e-mail. When you are calling with EasyPhonia, your call charges are only based on the destination country not based on the originating country. EasyPhonia supports all the standard soft phones.

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  1. Thank a lot for your advice.
    I registered to EasyPhonia and I am an happy customer !
    I can talk from my cellphone to Italy fixed for $0.02 with the best quality i have ever experienced.
    thanks again !