Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Financing your business, Advice from a banker Part.III

Of course, in the professionalism comes experience, knowledge of an industry, a successful career ... The CV is very important.
Bringing complementary skills (technical and commercial, for example) Is of course a plus, as long as you get to know each members.

Work on your project, surround yourself with expert advice, know your industry, customer needs, competition ... Anyway, approach your project with professionalism and clarity: do not believe that your enthusiasm will sweep away all obstacles, do not underestimate the take time for a commercial launch (convince first customers, establish a sales network ...) and a working capital plan accordingly. It is better to delay a project to launch a project badly put together ...

If you can, test your project on a small scale before you start making significant investments. Be ambitious but humble ... Know your skills and shortcomings, others (partners, for example) may be able to fill ... ultimately, the market is always right.

Banks do not invest, they lend. ... To be repaid. It is clear that they prefer to lend to sectors where there is visibility: Sectors in the launch phase, where many companies appear mushroom that will not necessarily be the stage of maturity, are more cautious investors in capital. Banks lend more readily to areas under development or maturity, when the continuity of actors is more stabilized.


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