Tuesday, June 14, 2011


If you are a regular user of custom made soaps, then you must be aware of SFIC one of the leading manufacturer of custom made soaps and soap bars for the last fifty years. They are the leaders in manufacturing exfoliating soaps and scented soaps. They can mold the soaps in any shape and form according to the customer’s choice. The customers who wish to get the soap of their choice of fragrance shape, color and additives can do so by visiting their web site. Their website is very user friendly. Within the custom soap page you can get the custom quote for your custom soap created. 

SFIC got the reputation for the quality rather than the quantity. The stringent physical quality control and the committed customer service made them to stand number one in the field of manufacturing custom soaps. If you want to make an exfoliating soap with walnut or luxurious spa soap with lavender fragrance else want a aloe Vera soap for soothing all will be done with melt and pour soap base in matter of time. They are also producing bubble bath, liquid soap, lotion and gel. Even they are taking pain to labeling and packing according to the customer’s taste. Last but not the least; their aim is to give you a soap that is good for your body, mind and soul. Once you are using their product definitely you will thank them for their incredible product and me for given an opportunity to know them better. Thank you.


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