Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Playground Rubber Mulch

Since 1996 Rubberecycle established its name as one of the pioneers in tire recycling industry and have first introduced best quality rubber surfacing products to the defense and the domestic market. They are using the state of the art technology and most advanced high tech equipments to process the rubber mulch. Playsafer Playground Rubber Mulch is an exclusive rubber granule designed exclusively to make your playground safe. playground surfacing with Rubber Mulch cushions falls and reduces unsafe playground impacts. And it is not only the safest playground surfacing; it's assured to last long for lifetime! Playsafer is available in a variety of vibrant colors to choose. Since the customers receive the highest quality product directly from plant the rates are competitively very cheap and they can provide the assured quality and prompt delivery on time. The rubber mulch provides unmatched safety performance with a perfect look that too with nil maintenance. They are non toxic and hence it is safe for your kids. They are odor less, will not rot or mold and will stay in position. Because of its best shock absorbing property, it makes the playground twice safe for the user. This is best suited for the day care centers, schools, townships and homes. Investing on Playsafer is the investment for the safety of your kith and kin those who are using your playground. For more details log on to or dial 1.888.436.6846


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