Friday, October 21, 2011

Potential for promoters and brands in co branded Credit cards Part.III

Then, the positioning of retail banking networks will play a key role in the organization of the market around these cards, to date, it remains to be determined. By partnering with offers co-branded, they risk a drop in sales of traditional credit cards, implying a de facto decrease in revenues related to contributions (the co-branded cards being offered at a price much lower). In contrast, waive offer these products may cause a loss of market share when demand for co-branded cards for the benefit of credit card companies 'captive' (subsidiaries of the distribution, automotive ...) or new entrants. The tactics seem to apply the major banking groups is to rely on their own subsidiaries consumer credit to play the complementary offers, while reducing the risk of cannibalization ...

Finally, a technical constraint - but significant - just reduce the potential of these credit cards. The choice of "cash payment" or "credit payment" in cash is not possible outside the network of retail partners, including the lack of standardization of EMV terminals.

This uncertainty is reinforced by the lack of feedback potential. Indeed, the very special place of the bank card in France compared to our European neighbors (almost all of the park to the EMV standard, high number of transactions, psychological ...) renders inconclusive any analogies with the co- branding practiced by our European neighbors. Under these conditions, the first move will engage in enhanced listening market reactions. For their part, the traditional players in the market for payment card will now have to think to optimize their organization in the event of a redeployment of their strategy for success of co-branding.

On a broader front, it is an additional axis to be included in the reconfiguration strategies means of payment that must implement the banks to adapt to new regulatory requirements (SEPA, PSD) and market developments (innovative means of payment for retail, process for STP of corporate cash management ...)

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  1. I guess, co-branded credit cards do ill to our economy. Am i right??? I understood ur post in my own way because I'm not an economics student. But still, I tried my level best. If I'm wrong, reply me in a simple way. A thoughtful post and keep posting economist.