Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recovery Management Challanges

When banks believe that the recovery of profitability becomes negative, that is to say that the costs of recovery (internal or external) are higher than the estimated recoveries, and they use the "assignment of credit." Specialized institutions will buy all of these claims in order to industrialize their treatment and allow for better profitability.

Outsourcing requires optimization of internal information systems. To this end, banks must develop the means to proper management of records to be transferred to outside companies in order to facilitate exchanges of records and maintain traceability of each file. Whatever the mode of covering applied, the recovery are prioritized amicably limiting judicial proceedings can be lengthy and expensive and best preserving the business relationship.

With increasing current litigation, recovery activity will more than ever, be considered an extension of the customer relationship. It will therefore be treated with restraint to protect that relationship and ensure future business relations. This vision implies to take into account the possible end of the contract upon grant, and also connect to the best tools recovery tools on CRM and KYC. Beyond the regulatory capital gains in the medium term, the challenge of long-term activity is real. Only those who have established a global process, fluidized, possibly by using the assignment, will maintain the thread of dialogue with customers and so defend their local values.


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