Monday, June 18, 2012

Russell Solomon

Russell Solomon is an American capitalist as well as art collector. He is the originator of the all inclusive music store realm, called Tower Records. Illustrated as "a traverse among Santa Claus and Allen Ginsberg" in look, he is having a propensity to wear in an informal way. Some time ago, he really continued a collection of neckties amassed from the guests on the exterior wall of his workplace. Being a failure in high school, Russell Solomon founded the Tower Records what heading in the right direction of some vinyl records to a multi billion dollar company.

The most excellent thing to say is that, he will be greatly privileged on the 2012 Artistic License Awards. Russell Solomon will be tribute together with Milton Bowens, Susan Orr, Roger Dickinson, Lial Jones, as well as Jerry Perry and the entire of their astonishing work of arts. For further information about Russell Solomon, please log on to "Russell Solomon". Thanks!


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