Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Android VPN Provider

In the recent past the growth of number of Android phone users have drastically increased with a swift pace. If you too one among then it is very important to have an android VPN service for you to avoid online cyber thefts and censoring activities. Torguard’s secured android VPN service provides you a firsthand, hassle free, state of the art technology experience. While in use The Smart phone runs the risk of online threats hence the data security is a big concern for every Android Smartphone user. So it is very important your VPN service is should be capable of protecting your Smartphone from online hacker and malicious botnets to protect your digital assets like your credit card numbers, financial logins, important and confidential emails and data. TorGuard offers a total protection to you and your Smartphone. They offer low cost subscription based VPN service to your system to multiple secure server location. Once your signup process is completed they are activating your service instantly. Their support team guides you to setup successfully. Since they are maintaining the fastest and more secured VPN servers worldwide you are getting seamless service and all android VPN members can access more than 20 static IP’s in most of the European countries, including USA, UK, Canada, and Russia. Their premium service is as low as $4.99 per month only which provides you 100% fast, fully encrypted and secured connection with no down time, unlimited band width and speed.


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