Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flight test program of A350 XWB is on right track!!!

Airbus is confident in the robustness and security of the architecture of main batteries lithium-ion (Li-ion) that the manufacturer has developed with Saft and qualified for the A350 XWB. The flight test program for the A350 XWB will continue as planned with the main batteries Li-ion qualified. However, the root causes of two recent incidents involving lithium-ion batteries remain to this day, and the state of knowledge, unexplained. In this context and in order to ensure the program schedule, Airbus has decided to activate her Plan B it seems  and return to the nickel-cadmium batteries for his main - proven and controlled - for the entry into service of the A350 XWB program.

 Airbus believes that this is the best option in the interest of the program and the operational reliability of the A350 XWB. Meanwhile, Airbus has launched additional studies of maturity on the behavior of Li-ion batteries in the main operating conditions Aeronautics and naturally draw all the consequences of the results of the official investigation underway. In making this decision at this stage of the program, Airbus does not affect the timing of entry into service of the A350 XWB.


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