Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to become rich?

You learned good principles in your life that help you manage a large number of situations that you are facing. Forget them when it comes to managing your money as applied not make you richer. But probably makes you poorer. Here are six principles you have to strictly follow to become rich: Do not settle for average. Search for the best. Funds "means" as index funds perform better than 80% of actively managed funds. Trust in your instincts and what your heart tells you. It is better to listen to your brain and if you sell coldly losses, rather than thinking that prices will rise and you will chase your losses.
 If you do not know how, ask an expert. Seek help from an expert may be useful in the case of complex financial or very specific topics such as taxation. To manage your money, especially if you want to get rich, no one will do better than you. You'll get the price you pay. In terms of investments, the less you pay fees and the yield obtained is important. Crisis, we must act quickly to resolve the problem. Do not panic. Invest every month and you can enjoy automatically the benefit, the market declines or increases without you pack whatever the trend.

 Is to invest regularly over time is important. History repeats itself. As it is written on every financial prospectus, "Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance." Do not choose funds based on rankings of the year; look at the behavior of the bottom 3, 5 and 10 years. Behave wisely in case of market volatility and market down trends. Because what you have learned does not apply with respect to managing your money, you must spend at least a minimum time to acquire a financial literacy. It is this; investment in time that makes the difference between a successful investor and one who realizes low performance.


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