Monday, April 15, 2013

The Euro fell against the Dollar!

The Euro lost ground against the dollar on Monday as investors flee to the safe and is that the flat after the release of Chinese and U.S. indicators bode well for global economic growth.. The European single currency fell against the Japanese currency to 126.05 yen against 128.91 yen Friday. The dollar also fell against the Japanese currency to 96.72 yen against 98.35 yen on Friday. The currency market "is marked by a combination of lower than expected indicators in China and the United States that suggest that the global economic recovery is losing some of its momentum," noted Kathy Lien BK Asset Management . China has indeed made from a slowdown in growth to 7.7% annual rate in the first quarter, reviving concerns about the fragility of the analysts of the second world economy. Along with the United States in March, the growth in manufacturing activity in the New York area slowed more than expected and homebuilder confidence fell. "The fact that the world's two largest economies are showing signs of weakness at the same time" gives rise to "feelings of anxiety" among traders, said the expert. These concerns weighed on investor sentiment that favored currencies deemed safer, as the dollar and the Yen, at the expense of risk currencies like the Euro. The decline of the single currency, however, remained limited during most of the session with "a stronger than expected figures on foreign trade," noted Ms. But the announcement in late NY session, several explosions in Boston has strengthened the curve. For its part, the yen continued to gain momentum, traders reaping profits after the fall of the yen due to the decision of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) a new wave of monetary easing. Around 2100 GMT, the British pound advanced slightly against the euro at 85.29 pence per euro but fell to 1.5283 dollar. The Swiss currency advanced against the euro at 1.2140 Swiss francs to the euro but fell at 0.9312 Swiss francs to the dollar. The ounce of gold finished at $ 1,395 at auction tonight against USD 1,535.50 Friday, before falling to $ 1,335.30, its lowest level since February 2011. The Chinese currency finished at 6.1869 Yuan to the dollar, the highest closing level of the Yuan since 1994, when China has pegged its currency to the dollar, against 6.1921 Yuan on Friday.


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