Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Manage Your Budget!

Since people are very different from each other and also they save and spend on things at least as different as their personalities, there is no unique way to manage their monthly budget.
Some complain about the difficulty of managing a budget, and how much it can be difficult to accurately predict spending pattern in a month taking into account contingencies. But it can be something very easy if you are able to do a little discipline and a lot of regularity, because creating and following a budget takes a little time and perseverance.

The method of ant is particularly relevant for people who are new to budgeting and more have never really excelled in the field of savings. This method is very hard, and you can learn the most difficult month’s spenders that exist and need to know endure. I do not really like this technique because it does not bring much more benefits than the following which require less effort. However, if you are a consumer impulsive, maybe you should start with this method because it will allow you to familiarize yourself with what you can expect.

Good practice: draw your attention on every little expenditure and every bank statement looking for any abnormal operation. You will get your data through a large amount of information about your consumption, and manage your budget will be even easier. It is then eliminate all unnecessary spending and focus on what is essential. The disadvantage of this method is that in the end it is you who are addicted to consumption. Indeed, the following methods to establish an amount to save each month and build a budget around it. The technique of the ant, she reveals to consumption and what remains at the end of the savings. The great strength of someone who saves, is that it is able to do on a regular basis and amount to more or less constant. The "ant" does not really know how it will if it will be a good month for savings or not.

A second technique, which I prefer to the previous one, is that the envelopes. To manage your budget with this method, you must first identify your consumption. Then you need to divide the budget that you have estimated categories. Organize your categories in order of priority (usually 1 and 2 in include house rent and food), and then assign a fixed amount for each category, taking into account what you have seen in your monthly consumption.It is not always easy to follow this method of money management, because once the envelope is empty, the main rule is that you can not fill a second time. So once the budget "out of the weekend" is finished, it is finished. And unfortunately it may be the same for food or another. Therefore already control whether to start using this method.

Method "in pay first"

This method is nice. It eliminates significantly the stress of money. Manage your budget with this technique is rather simple.The method consists in removing from the 1st of the month else from the last payment of your salary, money you want to save. The amount saved is fixed at the beginning, and can increase the 30th of the month if you pour what you have. This leaves you the rest of your money for your usual expenses. So of course, always know expenses, and it is better not to have a budget too tight because the fact of saving early can constitute a risk in case of accident.

You can also apply this technique to other aspects of your life. For all your goals and commitments, this method is valid and you will succeed faster.The easing of stress in the fact that "pay yourself" comes from the fact that there are more sword of Damocles hanging over your head, threatening to claim his life at any time. The future of your savings and your investment is assured, and the little that remains is the risk of not having enough to finish the month.


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