Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Protect your financial future

How to Protect your financial future
Our circumstances of life tend to fluctuate with the passing phase of time and hence it is essential to have a financial planned future to adjust to these changes in life since there is no certainty of what the future has in store for us. Making the right choice on financial plans by way of investments and guaranteed investment products in the form of Annuities, life insurance, etc; can be done to have a safe financial future in which one can save, earn and make an investment to wealth. Service providers rendering their services ranging from estate planning and insurance recommendation to tax advantaged investments, etc. are available across the internet world for the benefit of their consumers. Financial advisers offering portfolio management surrey, provide all the guidance needed to understand and select the best options in achieving one’s financial goals with beneficial investment and financial planning solutions in managing their wealth. They are capable of assisting their clients with comprehensive planning process, by building a tailored plan, designed to suit the individual’s unique situation and requirements.

The object of a financial plan is to ensure that the individual has enough retirement income, that they do not outlive their investments, provision of financial assistance for their survivors or heirs, estate planning and tax planning. Their retirement planning surrey makes provision to fulfill the requirements of their clients by providing a complimentary online portfolio with the option of the best investments plans appropriate to their needs. A predictable income in retirement can ease the mind of future financial worries with guaranteed income for life irrespective of market conditions. Guaranteed income for life provides a guaranteed annual income of $5,000 on an investment of $100,000 at 65 years of age even though the market value of one’s investment is at zero. Besides the investor also benefits from market upswings when the value of the investment increases over time and the level of guaranteed income also rises. Individuals can receive income for life as early as 50 years of age and have a range of income options of 4% from 50 years up to 6% at the age of 75 years.


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