Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Art Of Negotiation

There are many situations in which your ability to negotiate will be put to the test. The advantage of this post is that it will also serve you in your professional life (and not just for the purposes of personal expenses). So, to start when it is confronted with the negotiation. Indeed, negotiation is not the prerogative of Berber and Eastern cultures, but is present in the western world: car dealers, mattresses, insurance, investment projects etc etc.

The aim of these people is to reduce your ability to negotiate a better price. However, these people are mostly professionals. So what you mere mortals can do to counter their psychological edge? Eliminate stigma and maximize your confidence. Even if you find that the price you are asking and ridiculously low, never be afraid to suggest. Fear of looking stupid is a very important factor in the negotiation because it may set an imbalance of power between the two players in the negotiations. But do not take it, always remain calm and polite.

Arrive prepared. If you already know what you are going to buy starting from home, it is important to gather as much information about the product. The more you know, the more the balance of power between you and the merchant will be balanced. If negotiating the price of the object does not take place the way you want, it may be worth trying to negotiate on other things: the cost of delivery options (for cars ), guarantees, etc.. This may seem low, but significant savings can be made on these things. And if you're not ashamed and you have managed to negotiate a price low enough to be sought even attempt your luck with these other elements.

This may seem rude, it's true. Do not get excited to get the lowest price. If you get a good price, there is a good chance that you may want to return to this store. However, if you are angry, the seller is less likely to be willing to negotiate with you. Instead, try to get a good price not necessarily the lowest and be polite with the seller you can even compliment him on how to "do business", it will be even happier). Never forget that negotiations must satisfy both parties, and both parties will be more happy, more likely to renegotiate in the future are high.

Do not make the first offer. Unless required, do not start by giving your money. If your price is high enough, cut short the negotiation and you will feel you have to be done. Instead, ask the seller: "What price can you give me?” Do not smile and if you like the price announced. Then continue to appear indecisive. If you are forced to make the first offer, advertise a very low price lower than what you consider to be low and at least you'll be ready just certain not make you fly.

So, do not forget that the negotiation is useless in major retailers. Traders rather go see your neighborhood, or in stores that sell goods with high profit margins.


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