Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Create Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you're addressing a college class or a boardroom full of CEOs, you'll want your PowerPoint presentation to represent your ideas in an exciting and easy-to-understand way. Here are just a few tips for keeping your audience on the edge of their seats every time.

Use Pictures

Stuff your presentation full of charts, graphs, images, drawings and infographics. It's an easy and effective way to retain audience attention, and it will also prevent eyes from glazing over when your slides are text-heavy.

Embrace Uniformity

Your slides should all look alike. Their content will differ, of course, but their spacing and formatting should be the same, and their colors shouldn't stray far from one another. This will ensure that your entire presentation looks neat and professional.

Create a Narrative

Give your presentation a beginning, middle and end. Pose questions that you eventually answer. Build everything to an exciting climax. Treat your presentation like a story, and your audience will respond like moviegoers.

Remember the Golden Rule

Would you be interested in your presentation? Think about this when debating whether or not to include extraneous information on your slides. Think about it when you're asking yourself if that animated GIF is interesting or just distracting. If you wouldn't like it, don't assume others will, either.

If you're serious about commanding attention during your next PowerPoint presentation, these are just a few rules to take to heart. Contact PowerPoint specialists like the ones at eSlide.com to learn even more.


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