Monday, September 7, 2015

Coin is the Future of Payments


Coin – Secured & Connected Device for Transaction

Coin, a secure, connected device can hold and act like the card we tend to carry and works with debit cards, credit cards, gift card, membership cards and loyalty cards. Instead of carrying multiple cards, users could carry one Coin with several accounts together with information in one place.

Coin functions by enabling the user to add all the cards onto one piece of technology on `the Coin’. On signing with the Coin app with the same identifications to order Coin, users need to create a unique six digit tap code and when the app is set up, they can pair their Coin with the addition of new card by entering the information manually, swiping the card through an included card reader which goes into the headphone jack of the phone or by taking a picture of the card.

The Coin tends to get connected to the smartphone via a secured Bluetooth channel which is designed to thwart third parts from using the Coin or in transmitting information from it without access to the user’s smartphone. Its feature of the Lock-and-Find tends to provide a real time validation of the owner of Coin being available at the time of the transaction. Should the owner not be available at the time of the transaction, Coin tends to lock itself and can be found by the owner utilising the mobile app.

Designed on Custom 128-bit Encryption Layer

Coin has been designed on a custom 128-bit encryption layer for Bluetooth which can safeguard sensitive information as well as prevent man-in-the-middle outbreaks as informed byCoin CEO Kanishk Parashar to TechCrunch.

When not in use, the Coin tends to remain in locked position and when one intends making a transaction, a single tap on the Coin’s solitary button would activate the device to do a quick search for the specific smartphone and after a couple of seconds it will get unlocked. If the phone is on Airplane mode or turned off or else unavailable, user could unlock the Coin by editing the same six digits Morse style pin code which is utilised in accessing the Coin app.

The Coin functions as a standalone device and the mobile device is essential for the initial set-up for the purpose of adding or changing cards on the Coin and to completely use the Lock & Find system. However, it could also be used without the mobile device.

Stays Active for Seven Minutes

It can stay active for around seven minutes once the same is unlocked, in order that the waiter tends to have the time to swipe and then it automatically gets locked.

Moreover, it also remembers its last known location and alerts the user as soon as it contemplates that the smartphone could have been separated from the Coin. Users have the opportunity of saving up to eight cards on the Coin at a time and can re-sync various cards which are stored in the app as long as they are within reach of their smartphone.

Parashar informed TechCruch that the team have been working on an EMV product and that Coin would be attempting to make the shift as seamless as possible for the user. However, it seems too early in knowing the exact deal or trade-in process. Parashar had commented that it would be something sizable enough to show their appreciation for early adopters.


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