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Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Find the Best Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit cards were introduced to provide a medium of quick and handy payment transaction to the consumers. They were relatively fast than the traditional cheques in the business operations. Prepaid debit cards very soon made their in the modern banking solutions mainstream than expected.

Statics projects that almost more than $200 billion dollars are loaded on it in each fiscal year. These cards also give additional advantages to the consumers like mobile check deposits, direct deposit and check writing. Most of these prepaid cards costs very little in using and adds no more than few dollars a month.

Ranking of Different Prepaid Debit Cards

Ranking the prepaid cards is a challenging work. The fees attracted by the bank on the prepaid card essentially depend upon its usage. Same kind of card could a particular almost nothing while another person who suffers from frequent cash loads and out-of-network ATM withdrawals would end paying much more amount. Consumers taking advantage of the direct deposit or those who loads certain amount of their card each month as well as who utilizes for limited number of transaction would end up in attracting significantly lower fees.

The Best Prepaid Debit Cards For The Consumers

After carefully analysing the fees charged by the different banks on their specific kinds of pre paid debit cards, this list has been compiled which gives the best options available for the consumers.

American Express

American Express leads the chart with its two cost effective prepaid cards which are tentatively named as the Bluebird and Serve. In reality the Bluebirds could be better described as a checking account rather than a genuine prepaid card. Both of these pre-paid comes with additional features which are appreciated by it consumers. These additional features are checking writing, money management tools and online bill pay. Both of these cards attract extremely low fees than other cards available in the market.


Kaiku is prepaid Visa card which offers low and quite simplified fees which costs just $3 per month covering all the services. The services provided by this are mobile check deposits, direct deposit, a intuitive & secure mobile application as well as a ‘Funds-Ometer’ which tracks how the money is being spent by the cards in an efficient manner.

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart offer its prepaid debit card with both Visa and Mastercard. Like other it also comes with low fees, a dedicated mobile app as well as free cash reloads at the Walmart stores with the preferred version of the card.

Mango Money

This is a prepaid MasterCard which attracts low fees which is just $3 per month. It also gives a saving account option to its consumers and pays 6.00% APY in return which is beneficial in its own unique way.

Prepaid debit cards acts as an alternative for the consumers who have trouble in establishing or improving their credit record. However it would wise for the customers to become aware of the various additional benefits and different kind of fees charged by the banks before opting for a specific debit card.