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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All You Need To Know About Auto Insurance

Car Insurance
We do not live in a fairy tale world where nothing bad can happen. The truth is that you need auto insurance. While insurance does cost money, it is well worth it in the long run. Do not wait for an accident to think about car insurance – get it today. Otherwise, you will find yourself in serious financial and legal trouble.

Did you know that it is illegal not to have auto insurance in most states? One of the first things your Nashville TN insurance agent will tell you is that purchasing car insurance is the law. So many accidents result in unpaid medical bills and legal cases that it became beneficial for states to mandate insurance. Consider car insurance as an investment. The risks of driving are abundant; you need to be protected. Plus, you might even get a ticket, have your car towed or receive a suspended license when a cop catches you driving without insurance.

Causing a car accident without insurance can lead to literal financial ruin. You may be responsible for paying for the other driver’s car and medical bills. They might even pursue you in court. Even if the accident is not your fault, the entire ordeal is no walk in the park. Even basic liability insurance can cover damage and injuries you cause to other drivers. While this will not pay for your car, it can save you in a tough spot.
Finally, purchasing car insurance can protect your vehicle. It is safe to bet that your car is one of the most expensive things you own. Even if you drive an old clunker, there is no reason you want to see it broken down. Everybody wants to protect their car, especially if you need it to get to work or school. Protect your car with great insurance.

As much as you spend on premiums, it is very much worth your effort. If you find yourself in just one accident in your lifetime, paying for insurance might be worth it. Have you seen the costs of repairs and medical bills lately? With so many levels of coverage, there is no reason not to buy auto insurance today.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

IS June 2011

Almost the auto insurance market is super saturated with online insurance companies, but the problem is you don’t know which insurance provider you can trust, and how to minimize your insurance premium with a maximum benefits? Here gives you a helping hand. If you are an infant to this automobile insurance then definitely you must visit this site. It explains you the basics of the car insurance like, what is car insurance, how it works, how to switch over from one insurer to the other, how you can save your hard earned money in automobile insurance. Here they describe you about the importance of green slip insurance or otherwise called compulsory third party insurance.

This CTP is a must for every vehicle registered in Australia. Some insurers offers new car replacement in the event of more percentage of damage to the car and some other insurers gives some attractive no claim bonus. So you must me more knowledgeable before insure your car. Even if you don’t have time or not interested to know more about each and every thing about car insurance then you just log on to the compare car insurance page and fill out the required details you will get a best quote for your car insurance and get your car insurance done with few clicks. Thus you can save some of your hard earned money and precious time. If you prefer to get more information don’t hesitate to call: 13 19 88, they are at your service.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The electric vehicle, a challenge for insurance Part.III

For insurers, do not tackle this is now a danger of losing market share to competitors precursor material, but also pay much more in the next few years data electric vehicles needed for underwriting. More broadly, the development of electric vehicles will certainly be accompanied by the emergence of new actors in the value chain (owner of batteries) or enlargement of certain activities (automakers also becoming renters). It is these players those could come the most dangerous competition for insurance companies today. In the manner of low-cost insurers, manufacturers could build their own insurance from scratch to ensure their own fleet. If later this distribution were to grow as vehicle fuel as some predict, it is a huge market share that could lose the insurance.

In this context, insurers must now embark on the establishment of dedicated charging electric vehicles. For this first step will probably be training teams to the problems of electric vehicles: the training of actuaries to identify and define the market pricing but also training of subcontractors, experts such as repairmen, to anticipate the impacts of electric vehicles on the treatment of claims, etc.. The second step is then to obtain a large volume of detailed data on these vehicles, a prerequisite for appropriate pricing so competitive in the long term. To do this, insurers will necessarily be closer to only stakeholders that have these data: manufacturers and fleet managers. Whether at the staff level or pricing, the better the knowledge of the vehicle and its electrical characteristics and the larger the market share captured.

The electric vehicle, a challenge for insurance Part.II

In contrast, the second condition is far from being completed at present: those assurances now marketed are not specific to this new engine but consist mainly of a discount offered on classic car insurance. Now the challenge for insurers is quite contrary to design a new product specific and appropriate pricing, since the claims as collateral will be profoundly affected.

First, the mode of vehicle operation, radically different, will be the first technological breakthrough in public car. Insurers will therefore have to follow a long learning process to acquire the knowledge necessary for electric vehicles and their claims. Currently, the feedback is very low, on electric vehicles in general and on each model in particular. In addition, some of these models are designed by companies previously unknown in the car. First the Blue because Autolib vehicle selected for in the Paris area, is developed by Bollore. In terms of pricing, reliability will be a potentially large impact on the cost of guarantees or troubleshooting assistance, now included in most contracts. In addition, some risks could increase in frequency, such as fires in car parks, and other shows, like the electrification of third parties.

Furthermore the operation, use is also different, with again a significant impact on pricing and new securities corresponding to that particular use to invent. On the one hand, electric vehicles are intended primarily for urban use, the loss will be mainly city with such a low average speed. On the other hand, because of the prohibitive cost of batteries, use patterns and alternative acquisition will certainly grow: car sharing, leasing, vehicle ownership but lease the batteries etc.. In particular, manufacturers may have an interest in leasing these vehicles to keep as much control as this emerging technology to offer their customers a more competitive product. These rules determine the identity of the owner and therefore the client of insurers, the driver of the vehicle, the hirer of the vehicle or the battery.

If the large-scale development of electric vehicles is not fully acquired, a series of factors led to consider shortly, and later when the battery technology is mature. For insurers the stakes are high: a market share of electric vehicles from 5% to 10% would represent in terms of insurance premiums a market of 1 to 2 billion Euros.

The electric vehicle, a challenge for insurance Part.I

Long-awaited development of large-scale electric vehicle could finally begin in the next few years because of recent developments, both social and technological. The various projections foresee a market share of electric vehicles from 5% to 10% within 10 years, or 1 to 3 million vehicles in France alone.

Globally, an MIT study projected that 10 million electric vehicles will be in circulation in 2016.

Car insurance is a key product for insurers: loss leader, accounting for 40% of the market for property insurance and is primarily designed for individuals, but also to professionals or businesses. For several years, this market is sluggish: the volume of contributions has stagnated or even regressed, rather are captive customers and consumer products show little differentiating. In this lackluster environment, insurance attractive to electric vehicles could therefore be the key to growth for the precursors. Indeed, it would enable them to attract new customers at the expense of competition, while improving their image, positioning them as active in sustainable development.

To establish an attractive, one of the following conditions are necessary: ​​tariffs lower than for conventional vehicles and conditions specific to electric vehicles, including innovations that these cars. The first condition is already fulfilled today because many companies offer insurance quotes for electric cars at a lower price than gasoline vehicles. In addition, short term, as the volumes of electric vehicles remain very low, insurers may offer cheaper deals to or loss, without taking excessive risks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Auto insurance

              Automobile insurance or otherwise called auto insurance is the insurance obtained for road plying vehicles to protect against physical damages resulting from accidents and against liability that could also arise there from while plying on road. Auto insurance deals with the insurance covers for the damages or the loss to the vehicles or its parts due to accidents or natural calamities. Auto insurance also provides accident cover to the driver who plies the vehicle and the co passengers of the vehicle. It also provides third party liability cover for the third party who was hit by the accident.

                 Auto insurance is compulsory for all road plying vehicles. Auto premium is calculated by considering many factors. The premium increases with the increase in price and age of the vehicle.  Not only the price but also the model of the vehicle, cubic capacity, age of the vehicle may influence the premium calculation. Throughout the world the auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles plying on the road. Plying a vehicle without auto insurance may attract fine or imprisonment or both. There are two types of insurance cover one is comprehensive and the other one is third party cover. The third party insurance cover safe guard the interests of the third party but not the interest of the vehicle and the vehicle and its user, where as comprehensive covers the both the own damages and lose  and also the third party who involved in the accident with the vehicle.

                 You have invested a big investment on your vehicle so don’t allow its well being to chances. Anything may be happen at any time so protect you and your vehicle by getting a timely insurance and minimize your risk. And you don’t forget to renew your auto insurance policy in regular interval so that to get a attractive discount and no claim bonus (an incentive given if you have not claim anything in the previous periods). Insure your vehicle and drive peace fully throughout the year.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why You need a Auto Insurance?

Not only the Auto Insurance safeguards your Car on road but also it helps you while your car is off the road. It helps you to meet the expenses of car replacement or the repair or even the towing expenses of your repaired cars.The auto insurance is mandatory for all the motor cars and the motorists by the law. If a car get into the accident and involve fatalities or grave injuries it they will compensate your risks. For that your car must be adiquately covered so that you need not  pay a penny more from your pocket. Firstly you have to decide the right kind of auto insurance whether it is comprehensive or the other.
The laws are vary from country to country, for example if you having assets for ten lakhs and you insured the car for two  lakhs and in the event of accident of your fault and the medical bill of the other party exceeds the two lakhs then you are liable to pay his medical expenses bills from your pocket. This is the case in USA; hence your policy cover should be taken accordingly.
Hence you have to keep in mind the following points:
1)      Determine your country/state insurance requirements.
2)      While opt for Insurance plan according to your financial condition so that protect your assets too.
3)      Check your current policy premium and coverage and compare it with other agencies and competing quotes from Insurance companies.
4)      Most of the auto mobile Insurance companies offer a variety of Insurance with covenant payment option.
Last  but not the least; The auto mobile insurance is one that is necessary to ensure You and Your Car remain protected against injury, accident, theft or other liable damages.