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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Man Who Redefined the Way of Indian Shopping

Within a span of few years Flipkart has become a frequent destination of shopping for millions of Indians. The man behind this giant Indian shopping portal is Sachin Bansal who is an internet entrepreneur. He is the cofounder and CEO of the Flipkart which is redefining the ways of Indian shopping in an innovative and remarkable manner. Sachin had started this online shopping portal along with his business partner Binny Bansal and today they are leading a business which happens to have gross revenue of US$1 Billion.

The Beginning

Sachin had worked with Techspan, an IT firm in Bangalore after the completion of his degree from IIT Delhi in 2005. Later on he moved to Amazon where he met Binny Bansal and at that point of time Amazon was building Amazon Web Services with the aim of powering the start-ups in the United States Of America. He along with his friend took the grave decision of leaving the job and concentrating on building an online venture of their own.

After performing an intense research in the field of shopping habits of Indians and the e-commerce, they undertook the giant step starting Flipkart from scratch with just lakh of initial investment. They took a seemingly greater risk wherein they were about to bring the first online shopping experience for the Indian customers whose shopping behaviour were completely from that of western counterparts. They created custom solution by integrating dynamic strategies to make Flipkart successful in India. Cash on Delivery as a made of payment is an innovation of Flipkart which was soon followed by other online shopping portals.

Flipkart Is A Distinct Entity In Its Own

Sachin had stated that Flipkart shouldn’t be compared with major players like Amazon as both of them work in different spheres as well as the customer behaviour is also distinct. Sachin believes that Indian e-commerce scenario is in learning and adapting phase and probably it is at the similar stage what Chinese ecommerce was nearly eight years ago. Flipkart had started with selling books later forayed in different categories and urgently it is valued at astonishingly 10,000 crore.

One Of A Kind Shopping Experience

Flipkart had earlier given a unique shopping experience to the Indian customers with its ‘Big Billion Day’ sale in October. This day was characterised with whooping discount across the various range of products sold on this shopping portal. Flipkart happened to achieve a jaw-dropping $100 millions in sale within ten hours on this day. Though this event was also marred with server related issues due to large amount of web traffic as well as wrong product listing but Scahin Bansal saw it as an experiment which went successfully at the end of the day.

Currently India’s e-commerce sphere is still growing and interestingly just 10% percent of the population is engaged in online shopping. But with passionate guidance and leadership of the Sachin Bansal is sure to open up some new avenues for the online shopping in coming years. Scahin is all set to take his company to new heights and he is adamant from selling of its company ever.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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