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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oil Trading!

Oil is a raw material which is now become increasingly rare and therefore sought, and usually one of the most requested asset from traders and especially those who have chosen trading options: in fact, the oil and news often pair; one does not go without the other. Because oil is owned by a small handful of states producing together under the name OPEC, any event that happens in one of these states has a direct impact on the price of oil which then sees his current fluctuations through the world. The investment in oil drilling reached a record high in 2012, and the number of offshore projects got momentum. Meanwhile, the oil services industry regains its record levels of activity in 2009 in all segments: geophysics, drilling, offshore construction. United States, fracturing (used to exploit shale gas) focused $ 50 billion investment, or 20% of total drilling investments in the world.

This dynamism intensified competition strong among Chinese and Korean companies on these activities. In refining, the contrast is widening between Europe and the United States, where production capacity stagnated and Asia / Middle East which concentrate 80% of refinery projects. IFP expects a price of about $ 100 per barrel in 2013, after an average of $ 110 in 2012, but rising oil prices could resume in case of war with Iran or Syria. Oil Trading carries many benefits. More reports are available to traders to understand the market trends. These include among others, regular publications and the reports and forecasts of oil producing countries. In addition, this type of trading provides benefits up to 100%. Thus, this sector presents a great risk control.

It allows a diversification of investment returns. Finally, you can access many online brokers very easily. Investing in oil can be a good start in binary options. It does not necessarily have previous experience significant knowledge. However, to successfully accumulate profits, place heavy investment and long term. Oil trading is the fastest way to get gains. So it is up to you to make the appropriate choice for binary option bonus from the asset.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Which is the Personality that best suits trading?

Trading is a mind game. Having said that, each trading person has different mindset or personality. The most important factors that decide the personality is Emotion and Logic of the Brain. Some take decisions emotionally, and some take it logically, while some take it partly emotional and partly logical. Some have a very disciplined mind and some don’t have that mindset.

So, which one is the best personality to trade in Stock or Commodities Market? Once a trading Guru in USA, trained both ordinary civilians and some former US Marine Soldiers. He taught them to trade in stock markets using Technical Analysis and Fundamental analysis. He trained them in short term trading in Futures and Options. He taught the students where to book profit and where to cut loss of a trading positions. After some period of time, the Guru asked the students to trade on their own in real time with real money.

The results are some what astonishing. The former Marines performed well in the trading than the other students. The Guru analyzed the results and come to know that the former Marines are most disciplined and they followed the trading rules correctly with out fail. That is, because of the discipline they used to follow in military training.

This gives the conclusion that those who follow the trading discipline correctly without any emotion is likely to trade better in speculative Markets.

Are you the one who trades with discipline and logically?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A successful Stocks and Commodities Trader

Successful trading comes from experience and experience comes from only after spending money and time in the Markets. A trader is considered only if he trades and makes money in bull or bear markets.
Proper analysis and strict financial discipline are the two important factors that are very crucial for a trader to be successful. Successful Traders have developed a good trading system after prolonged testing of the trading system.
 A trading system may be of any kind but over a period, it should show good results, irrespective of any Market. Until you design a trading system, try experimenting with your system till you are satisfied with the system. This is not going to be a easy process.
Once you have found a successful trading system that works for you, you need to test the system for number of times for Profits and losses before you use it in real time.
A trader you trades the markets without proper trading system is destined to lose. So, designing a trading system is the half way mark for a successful trading. The next part is financial discipline.
Financial discipline is nothing but executing your trades based only on your system with proper entry and exit levels. The loss from any trade should be less and the profit from the trade should be more.
Successful mastering of developing a trading system and following it with discipline would surely make a successful Trader.