Monday, July 4, 2011

Femtocell Technology

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Today I come across Wilson Street a home to Small Cell technologies, which is one of the topmost in mobile technology with large customer base. Femtocells extensively boost your mobile phone signals so that your phone reception is good. It is very handy and easy to operate. This small cell architecture provides you a enhanced quality and technology oriented service to you. It change the dead points in your indoor both at home and in office and improve the coverage and potentially better quality in reception and transmission of voice and enhance the battery durability. Femtocells is nothing but a small base station which connects you with your service provider there by provide you uninterrupted quality signals to your mobile phone with crystal clear voice. It provides you “5 bars” signal coverage even in poor coverage area or even in no signal area. They have tailor made tariff structure depending upon the carrier and offer more competitive and attractive offers too, they enable you with discounted calls from your beloved one at home. Most of the fixed mobile convergence needs dual mode handsets but Femtocells deliver the benefits with your existing old mobile phone using the licensed spectrum. For more log on to or just call at: +33 (0)1 40 76 10 10.

Friday, July 1, 2011

An evolving market

Funding for local government based on a system combining taxation, depreciation and debt financing. For several years, local communities are the focus of many reforms that change their legal and financial environment.

The laws in 1982-1983, a second wave of reforms is by expanding the decentralization, strengthening the financial burden of local governments. Launched by the constitutional revision of 2003, Act II of decentralization establishes the organization of a "unitary republic, decentralized," establishes the principle of financial autonomy of communities and provides an important transfer of skills and resources from the state to local communities.

Following the 1982 reforms, the budgetary and accounting rules for local authorities has also been updated. This update stimulates the development of a financial policy while planning for the impact on the budget:

* Financial Provisions of the Law on Territorial Administration of the Republic (ATR) which require, with the objective of financial transparency, to publish an appendix to their accounts consolidated government;

* Renovation of the accounting framework that enables accounting harmonization of budget instructions to the General Accounting Plan (PCG);

* Less regulation of loans to encourage diversification of financial instruments;

* Relaxation of the principle of the obligation to deposit in the Treasury and expansion of investment opportunities.

The quality indicators

Quality indicators of user processes (Drivers main directions of the risks, liabilities, financial, marketing, commercial)

As part of the approval process with Basel 2 instances of trust, quality indicators should focus mainly on:

* The validity of the SI risk management
* The performance score of grant, the organization of the rating systems and delegation
* Compliance with the risk strategy in terms of authorization and action limits

These include examples of indicators as the rate of customer doubtful with a healthy note, the rate of third unrated or with a note too old, or the rate of others rated their group.

To control effectively the quality of each indicator, it is essential to have previously defined a responsible business and responsible SI (the MOA) on each of the data information system.

The process of defining indicators is iterative, since the priorities may change based on improvements. To control them properly, it is preferable to retain only 10 in the first place. The dashboard can be enriched progressively as the process will be better understood by employees and more mature. For an effective control, must not exceed twenty indicators, which requires the definition of an arbitration process indicator to be adopted.

Once the dashboard as defined with the various indicators chosen, it must be operated and monitored on a recurring basis. Identified as significant variables of a state, the indicators need to restore an image quality of the management of risks by focusing on the area’s most sensitive to the context and business goals. As a minimum, an annual review to define the quality policy to hold, but the quality is a daily challenge; do not forget to make some adjustments over the water...

Definition of Indicators

The definition of indicators based on the combination of an empirical, research-based elements of non-quality in the device in place, and a theoretical approach, having as a starting point to identify key parameters management customer risk:

To invest in the improvement actions that correct the non-quality aspects of the most sensitive, the first step is to build a balanced scorecard indicators are most representative. It is an indispensable asset to the achievement of a critical diagnosis and appropriate vis-à-vis business strategies (risk, marketing, sales ...) defined. While some indicators can be retained only for statistical purposes, the others must be action-oriented: this means they must be involved in a lens quality (which will result in the definition of alert thresholds or levels of expected results ...) and an action plan to achieve the objective. The role of each business direction and / or SI concerned to arrive at the expected level of quality must be so in a charter previously defined: it is one of the key success factors of the process.

Identify the characteristics of the third party repository brings out the different types of people (customers, prospects, guarantees ...), information (customer classification, signs of third party monitoring bodies ...), for which the required quality levels are not necessarily the same. Two examples: the rate of duplication, including the reduction can improve the consolidation process and risk capital allocation, the rate of third parties not identified as an affiliate of the bank, resulting in poor consolidation risk on intra banking group.

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