Monday, November 7, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. II

The sectors concerned are mainly industrial sectors: pharmaceutical companies, automotive and high technology are particularly interested in the subject because they are highly dependent on suppliers irreplaceable.

Search for a win-win solution: Supply Chain Finance is the answer to a tense situation between suppliers and buyers

MEPs adjust taxation of real estate gains

MEPs adopted the amendment proposed by Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne), as amended, by the government, which is developing the new tax regime for real estate gains. He recovers, according to the general reporter the owners selling a principal residence and tenants selling their principal residence for the first time a property.

The amendment exempts from taxation of capital gains to the first transfer of a dwelling that is not a principal residence where the vendor is tenant's principal residence, as was the case before the 2004 reform. It aims in particular, according to Mr. Carr, to avoid the criminalization of young households, the Paris region or in dense urban areas, can not afford their homes because of the explosion in property prices.

Officials face unequal "one of two"

Staffing, the state officials are far from being housed in the same boat. A Defence and the Ministry of Agriculture, the rate of non-replacement of retiring workers should reach 79% and 73% in 2012. It would be only 31% for culture and bordered by an average 55%, the highest rate ever considered since 2008.

This is reflected in the general report of Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne) on the draft budget law for 2012. "The effort required to national education should be further emphasized: with 14,000 FTE (full time equivalent) less in 2012, after 16 000 FTE under the initial budget act for 2011, this ministry reaches The objective of non-replacement of an officer retiring on two "set by President Nicolas Sarkozy, to observe the general rapporteur.

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Unsecured Personal Loans

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