Monday, July 4, 2011

Femtocell Technology

Hello Friends,
Today I come across Wilson Street a home to Small Cell technologies, which is one of the topmost in mobile technology with large customer base. Femtocells extensively boost your mobile phone signals so that your phone reception is good. It is very handy and easy to operate. This small cell architecture provides you a enhanced quality and technology oriented service to you. It change the dead points in your indoor both at home and in office and improve the coverage and potentially better quality in reception and transmission of voice and enhance the battery durability. Femtocells is nothing but a small base station which connects you with your service provider there by provide you uninterrupted quality signals to your mobile phone with crystal clear voice. It provides you “5 bars” signal coverage even in poor coverage area or even in no signal area. They have tailor made tariff structure depending upon the carrier and offer more competitive and attractive offers too, they enable you with discounted calls from your beloved one at home. Most of the fixed mobile convergence needs dual mode handsets but Femtocells deliver the benefits with your existing old mobile phone using the licensed spectrum. For more log on to or just call at: +33 (0)1 40 76 10 10.


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