Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning Disabilities and Assessment

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The term assessment has a variety of meanings; this term can be referred as the process of assessing a student or an individual with standardized testing features. Present days, due importance is given to the developing assessment activities then the issues of external accountability which improve very much the educational practices, the assessment has greater importance in the teaching learning practice hence the lack of faculty involvement in assessment will have much impact in teaching goals and lines of communication. The developmental assessment tools help you to evaluate one how he can meet his goals. A better assessment can develop more skill within the person and he will be more learning centered and more responsive in terms of learning and acquiring knowledge. The assessment gives a more meaning full and encouraging result in the learning process. Since assessment is all about improvement it should be done by a right and experienced person like Dr. Toni Atkinson is one of the leading Psychologists in Ontario. She is currently practices in the area of developmental assessment, psycho educational assessment and university assessments as well as intervention and cognitive rehabilitation. She also provides comprehensive assessments of a student from early child hood to young adulthood for the purpose of diagnostic clarification and for curriculum planning for the learning process.


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