Monday, March 1, 2010

Astrology and Stock Markets

I see that many websites and blogs have started to analyze and forecast Stock Market movements based on Astrology. Those persons who are behind these websites believe that they can forecast the market movements based on planetary movements.

I do learned astrology as part of improving my technical analysis skill. I came to know that the slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn influence most in analyzing once horoscope. And also the movement of this planets influence major events in the world. Other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars which are fast moving planets and they influence least when compared to fast moving planets.

Stock Market movements are governed by demand and supply. The difference in the demand and supply makes the market to swing here and there continuously. The oscillating movement starts from intraday and it extends till centuries. Many analyst who are using astrology for forecasting, predict the intraday movements of the markets.

The fastest moving planet mercury takes four months to move from one Zodiac sign to another. I don’t know how a planet that takes four months to move from one Zodiac to another influence the intraday movement in the stock markets and I don’t know the methodology that is behind in predicting the stock market intraday movement.

As far as I am concerned, and also as person who know astrology and Technical analysis , I believe, nobody can predict the stock market movement using astrology.


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