Monday, November 28, 2011

Organizational Challenges

In today's competitive (aggressive competition in the credit rates, price competition in the online banking ...), research to optimize the margin does not tolerate weakness in the quality of service provided to customers and time control of operations with these clients. This requires change in the existing organizations to increase efficiency in resource constants.

At the strategic level, the connections between stakeholders require when they occur to review fully the organization of internal functions become redundant or competing. Moreover, the conduct of political expansion (purchase of subsidiaries abroad, in particular) need to be integrates in various kinds of institutions (specialized activities but varied regional specificities ...) quickly and efficiently. The goal is then to integrate these institutions spun in standardized processes of the Group (in order to master the complexity of management) while making them benefit in return, services and assets that will support their development (discharge of certain activities centralized management, benefit sharing relating to the purchasing capacity of the Group, providing resources such as infrastructure group ... SI).

To meet the regulatory requirements (Basel II, MiFID ...), projects involving many entities set up new processes intended for the management and regulatory bodies.

These developments guided by the strategy or imposed by the regulatory and competitive environment combine to create a situation of permanent change of internal organizations. This is reflected by the increase in the frequency of reorganizations, the constantly changing service delivery entities, changes in scope of responsibility ... information systems must then accompany this change permanent, which generates significant expense. In addition, some priority changes (particularly regulatory) limit the possibilities of devices in parallel developments. Indeed, they are faced with schedules that do not always maintain a path for the information system progressive and consistent.

Monday, November 21, 2011

USA Cash Services

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

How to address the need for permanent change in a Organization?

Faced with this situation of constant change, institutions are looking for greater adaptability of their organizations and information systems for different types of changes. Since the mid-90s, the Urban Planning Information Systems are the preferred global approaches to monitor and organize the consideration of changes in the company. In emerging, it is sometimes uses more sophisticated methods such as Lean 6 Sigma to objectify the analysis.
Urbanisam, now widely used in banks, can control the evolution of SI registering in a target. However, while it establishes principles to ensure adaptability and flexibility of the SI, it provides only a limited response on the organization to adopt to respond to constant change. Similarly, the use of BPM is often reduced to the establishment or re-organizing activities. It is little used in the context of continuous improvement or ongoing management of the development. As for the use of Lean 6 Sigma, it is still only poorly developed to date in financial services (although emerging initiatives).

These approaches and methodologies and related tools do to address the ongoing evolution that they are actually integrated into the control of the company. The establishment of a permanent management changes in the organization and continuous improvement is a long-term task. Moreover, it does not address the operational issues encountered daily by the projects.

A response to issues related to permanent change can also be found in the structure of the organization. This should provide the flexibility and adaptability to facilitate its development. It is then introduced into the organization of 'subset' or 'clusters' stable and offering their services across the enterprise. These will serve as the 'pivot points' in the organization who can then move around the poles of these key services whose effectiveness is guaranteed. Such an exercise of 'organizational design' aims to provide the company specialized internal structures: the poles of operational efficiency.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Invitation Envelopes

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. IV

The potential improvements in the development of CFS are:

    * Improve the traceability of transactions (orders, invoices, making payments, cash) to the sender as the recipient.
    * Avoid litigation and the costs associated with their management.
    * Generate working capital through better management of financial flows. For this, banks need to adapt their offerings to the new needs expressed by client companies.
    * Benefit from the discount offered by suppliers in case of cash payment, without degrading its financial position since fiscal third rule for the acquiring company (reverse factoring)
    * Retain the most important suppliers
    * Increase the capacity to purchase the acquiring company

The other advantage of the SCF:
Long control of the supply chain was seen as a logistical necessity rather than as a real competitive advantage, however, the globalization of the economy no longer allows this way of thinking because it is cost savings to all levels to be able to offer the best prices. Control of financial flows is now the last piece of the savings. Therefore, enterprise customers are now very interested in the ability of their suppliers or customers to integrate into a process of "modernization" of tools related to accounting and finance offers available from financial institutions. Control its cash flow enables a company to offer customers efficient service and achieve economies together. It seems that the implementation of management solutions for financial information is involved, to some extent to meet the needs of business partners and thus contribute to their loyalty. However, in some areas as high technology, supply chain based on key players, specialized suppliers and rare it is imperative to retain.

The CFS will ensure the smooth flow of information related to financial flows and thus contributes to the flexibility of the entire chain by addressing the shortcomings of funding or access to financial information. Continue to operate from the old ways is contrary to the current economy and what it requires companies in terms of efficiency. Thus, it should be put in place systems to access information yesterday fragmented as companies seek to ensure unity became a key factor of success.
In short, it is called today to find solutions that integrate all the information (physical flows, information flows and financial flows) so that they can be exploited best by all participants in the chain supply and their financiers.
It is therefore not surprising that the recent emergence of offers of "Supply Chain Finance officials" within recruitment agencies

Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. III

The implementation of this portal thus has the advantage of reducing costs through paperless transactions, track and archive centrally each exchange and control of customer disputes. This progress is in itself help much appreciated by the companies that allows them to save time previously spent on resolving issues sterile.
The innovation lies in the fact that one third may have financial access to this platform. It is then able to offer (so early) offers funding to the various players in the supply chain (discount ...).
Everyone wins: the financial institution sells its finance offers closer to the needs of its clients, customers more effectively manage their need for working capital (BFR) and supply chain pressures subside.

When asked the 500 largest European companies on working capital financing techniques that seem to grow strongly in the near future (study Demica - December 2006), loans by the banking pool and the financing of the supply chain (reverse factoring) top.

CGA of Societe Generale Group, Eurofactor, IFN (...) are some of the players with offers of "reverse factoring" to their customers. The principle is simple, a financial intermediary pays the bill to the supplier on the day of issue which in return allows the acquiring company to benefit from an extension (the broker earns a margin on this).
It should be noted that in Italy, some companies have created their own company credit and factoring without going through financial institutions.

The CFS is not exactly new, serious consideration is that since the early 2000s leading to innovations both from UPS or DHL (billing management, collection, delivery against payment) that Banks have realized, with some delay, the need to provide their customers with offers to alleviate existing pressures on the financing of the Supply Chain.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. II

The sectors concerned are mainly industrial sectors: pharmaceutical companies, automotive and high technology are particularly interested in the subject because they are highly dependent on suppliers irreplaceable.

Search for a win-win solution: Supply Chain Finance is the answer to a tense situation between suppliers and buyers

MEPs adjust taxation of real estate gains

MEPs adopted the amendment proposed by Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne), as amended, by the government, which is developing the new tax regime for real estate gains. He recovers, according to the general reporter the owners selling a principal residence and tenants selling their principal residence for the first time a property.

The amendment exempts from taxation of capital gains to the first transfer of a dwelling that is not a principal residence where the vendor is tenant's principal residence, as was the case before the 2004 reform. It aims in particular, according to Mr. Carr, to avoid the criminalization of young households, the Paris region or in dense urban areas, can not afford their homes because of the explosion in property prices.

Officials face unequal "one of two"

Staffing, the state officials are far from being housed in the same boat. A Defence and the Ministry of Agriculture, the rate of non-replacement of retiring workers should reach 79% and 73% in 2012. It would be only 31% for culture and bordered by an average 55%, the highest rate ever considered since 2008.

This is reflected in the general report of Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne) on the draft budget law for 2012. "The effort required to national education should be further emphasized: with 14,000 FTE (full time equivalent) less in 2012, after 16 000 FTE under the initial budget act for 2011, this ministry reaches The objective of non-replacement of an officer retiring on two "set by President Nicolas Sarkozy, to observe the general rapporteur.

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Unsecured Personal Loans

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tail Activewear

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part.I

Effectively manage its cash flows are a necessity for the enterprise and supply chain comes from low mode "Finance". Suppliers and buyers, customers and banks are willing to embrace this new trend. Born in the United States and adopted by a U.S. economy again precursor.

"The battle to dominate the market will not be a battle of the enterprises, but supply chains" Professor Hau Lee, Stanford. Historically, the competitive advantages of controlling the supply chain has always been underestimated, companies led a fierce battle on products or services, not on processes. This vision has since been questioned, particularly in a context of economic globalization. After improving the physical flows and information, announces itself with a new phase control of financial flows.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Amazing International Forum

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Mobile Medical Units

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Connecticut Window Replacement

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Financial Services Outsourcing Part.IV

In this sector, the European countries was the precursors, and the Asian countries still seem reluctant to take the plunge. AXA only broke the taboo by relocating administrative jobs in Morocco in 2006.

Elevated Deck Systems

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Office address:
Land Sales and Information Office,
2 Eppalock Drive Manor Lakes,
Wyndham Vale (Melways ref. 204 H1).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Financial Services Outsourcing Part.III

Finally, the system off shoring is a victim of its success and begins to become engorged: due to the increase in demand for skilled labor, it becomes difficult to find in some countries. In India, for example, the cost increases very rapidly (over 10% per year), and is accompanied by a high turnover rate. This phenomenon is even more expensive than pure wage increase; add an additional cost of human resources management (recruitment, retention, procurement, training etc.). And of course the additional loss of quality will be a resulting one.

Therefore, the experiences of off shoring have not all were successful: once all the parameters taken into account, the cost may be higher than before. Thus, there have been a few years back for some activities. This is what we call the back shoring. Companies repatriate their services or redeem and (re) internalize their local subcontractors to better control activities.

If the financial services sector was not among the first affected by the relocation, it is nevertheless one of the sectors with the greatest potential for relocation because of the importance of back office tasks. Indeed, these positions without customer relations, and often with little added value, are ideal candidates for relocation. And an OECD report respectively class insurance and financial services such as 2nd and 3rd sectors with the highest rate of jobs relocated behind the computer.