Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Tesla Bull Sees Case for Sixfold Surge to $300 Billion Value

Investors are alarmed with sounding off Tesla bull after a conference call

Tesla has been building slowly but strong. Its subsequent rise as a major tech firm with multiple interests has not just surprised a number of sceptics, critics but even its fans. It has risen over a number of fully documented and embarrassing failures but the last quarter has been extremely better for Tesla. However, the behaviour of its CEO during one conference call has simply changed the whole dynamic and sounded off the Tesla Bull. The behaviour shown by the Elon Musk during the conference call has emerged as a huge issue even though the performance of the firm has been acceptable and within the expectation set forth earlier. This has resulted in adversely affecting the performance of the Tesla shares in the open market.

Tesla: Shying away from questions

While taking on the conference call Musk had interrupted two analysts from asking questions. These questions were specifically targeted on the first quarter loss which happens to beat the expectations. Musk didn't take these question in his usual calm and simplistic stride rather termed the query raised by the analyst as boring bonehead and even suggested that the dry discussion is simply killing him. After which he went in his usual rhythm spent a large portion of his time joyfully interacting with the Tesla shareholder and the bloggers on a wide range of topics.

Tesla bull has been specifically sounded by his sheepish attitude in dealing with the queries raised by the analysts. It is worth noting that Tesla only allows one question per person but after sounding off the Tesla bull its CEO was more interested in getting the queries answered by the bloggers and shareholders rather than analysts.

Maligning the good days

So far Tesla was having a good quarter to shown in quite some time and it brought a wide range of positive signs. This has helped in building trust and credibility among the public, shareholders but criticism is always there. Upon hearing the queries from the analysts Musk appeared to be quite frustrated and this gave a sign to the Tesla haters of showcasing him as an unhinged or unglued person. One of the trade experts has stated that it is high time that Musk starts understating the basic thing that he is working for the shareholders. And it is own interest and company that he interacts with analysts in the best possible manner rather than running away from it which eventually will lead to more sounding of Tesla bull in future.

Shares are down

The frustrated and visibly shaken behaviour shown by Musk after the conference has not sounded Tesla bull but it has even given the dreaded 'red flag' to the company on the stock market. Tesla share is being sold on the stock market at a massive price tag of $385 and the consistent positive behaviour in the recent past made it stronger. But his behaviour has brought disaster for the firm as one of the premier analysts has given it a red flag and he is re-evaluating the stance on the company. The effect of Tesla bull can be easily seen on the stock market where its shares went down by 7% and traded at a low $280.