Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should Governments do business?

In India, when it got independence from the British, the Government was in the need of building Industries and Business to promote industrialization in the Country. At that time it didn’t have many Entrepreneurs and Industrialists. So Government took the initiatives and started many companies and Industries in all sectors. At that time, the Government is following a socialistic type of Government. So at that instead of encouraging new Entrepreneurs, Government itself has started all the Industries.

Those industries which were started by Government started running successfully and it contributed to the Industrial revolution of the Country. But as the Country progressed towards 1980 and 1990, there was a steady decline in their performance. The Public Sector Undertakings had started to behave like Government departments and that was why their performances declined during this period. But at the time, lot of private companies have been started and lot of new Entrepreneurs have grown in private sector of this Country.

This led to fair growth in the Industrial development of India. But the performances of many Government companies continued to decline. Some companies had gone sick at that time. And they became a burden for Government. After 1990 , the Government started disinvesting these Companies to private sector and they once again started performing well.

In USA, except finance and defense, every other industry is privatized. Because of this from 2008 many banks are failing in USA. But in India, non of the Banks failed.

I believe a Economy which is partially Market, and Partially socialistic, is good for any developing Country.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

If anybody says your Job is secured, Don’t believe them !

It is rumored in the media that United Kingdom is under financial trouble. Morgan Stanley the well known Investment Banker from USA has written a note, that UK may be in trouble in coming years because of fiscal creditability. The current economic situation may force the Bank of England to raise interest rates.

The high interest rates would be bad for the British Economy. Like this many European countries are under financial pressure. Now, many say that the recession is over and hereafter we are going to see steady growth in world economy.

The fact is, it is not over, and it has just started. It started in US with series of Bank failures, followed by Dubai crisis and followed by Greece crisis. Now we are hearing about UK.

This really foretells that World economic recession is not over. It has just started. Just the beginning itself has created lot of job loss in developed and developing countries. If it continues for another 3 to 5 years, then the situation in coming years will be very worse than 2008.

If this happens, then nobody’s job is secured. So be prepared for that.

Market Riders

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Astrology and Stock Markets

I see that many websites and blogs have started to analyze and forecast Stock Market movements based on Astrology. Those persons who are behind these websites believe that they can forecast the market movements based on planetary movements.

I do learned astrology as part of improving my technical analysis skill. I came to know that the slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn influence most in analyzing once horoscope. And also the movement of this planets influence major events in the world. Other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars which are fast moving planets and they influence least when compared to fast moving planets.

Stock Market movements are governed by demand and supply. The difference in the demand and supply makes the market to swing here and there continuously. The oscillating movement starts from intraday and it extends till centuries. Many analyst who are using astrology for forecasting, predict the intraday movements of the markets.

The fastest moving planet mercury takes four months to move from one Zodiac sign to another. I don’t know how a planet that takes four months to move from one Zodiac to another influence the intraday movement in the stock markets and I don’t know the methodology that is behind in predicting the stock market intraday movement.

As far as I am concerned, and also as person who know astrology and Technical analysis , I believe, nobody can predict the stock market movement using astrology.