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Second Chance Checking Accounts

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LED Lights - the real time and money saver

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Free Likes for Facebook

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Financial Services Outsourcing Part.II

However, gains arising must of course deduct the additional costs. The first item, identified long ago, is the loss of productivity that is usually relocation. The causes are, among others, a less skilled workforce, the distance of the speakers (producing a greater cost control) and cultural differences. While most of the time, lost productivity is largely compensated by the difference in the cost of labor, other elements may be medium to long term much more consistent and ultimately tip the balance of other side. First, outsourcing often leads to a decline in quality: lack of communication between services, insufficient command of the language, etc.. For example, call centers outsourced most of the time lead to deterioration in customer relations. In addition, the company's image in Western countries may also suffer from outsourcing because it remains a sensitive issue.

In addition, offshore investments are expensive and sometimes underestimated: logistics, communications infrastructure performance, and training not only technical but also cultural to work together both people and especially the reorganization to lead the company. This last point varies greatly depending on the sector and the business relocated. If the offshoring of IT activities or call centers is now pretty well under control, it is still far from mature for most business processes. Not only are more complex processes, but their relocation requires deeper transformations in the organization (thus more expensive), and the creation of new jobs to manage this mode of operation.

Panic Attack Treatment

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Financial Services Outsourcing Part.I

If relocation of activities in emerging countries where labor is cheaper, is a very publicized at this time, it does not, however, a new phenomenon. Off shoring is a long-standing practice. Initiated by the industry in 80 years, this practice was subsequently applied in computing the 90, then return to the call centers recently. Today, off shoring is a major trend affecting many sectors, just as in the Americas and European level. However, behind this movement there is apparently unique practices varied (off shoring, outsourcing, etc.), and mixed results.

First, we must distinguish between off shoring and outsourcing. An activity can be relocated to a distant destination (eg in Asia) is off shoring, to a nearby country (in Eastern Europe and the Maghreb in particular), it is called near shore, or even the same country in the provinces, a practice known as on shoring. In addition, relocation may occur with or without outsourcing. Indeed, the business relocated can be produced by a vendor (external) or within a group entity.

Besides the difference in the cost of labor, constituting the main benefit of course, other drivers may also encourage the off shoring: a higher flexibility and a better quality of service that can run up through 24/24 sites on different time zones, and less state intervention, or a position in new countries promoting local development or purchase of a local company.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

China lending outside the banking sector under control

While loans in China outside the banking sector have increased in recent months - investors shunning banks - the chairman of the Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), said Liu Mingkang the risks associated with such loans remained "manageable". History of secure markets or otherwise attempt to limit such practices as implying they could be riskier than it seems?

Remember, Chinese banks have been submitted last year to restrictions on the volume of new loans. In early September, the rating agency Fitch said it could lower the sovereign rating of China in the next two years. Reasons: the heavy debts of the Chinese banking sector, the latter having provided massive loans in recent months.

But outside the banking sector, all is not rosy: credits "parallel" have indeed conduits some borrowers into bankruptcy, particularly in the area of Wenzhou (East), which has about 400,000 companies. In recent months, more than 90 patrons fled the city in debt and two suicides were to be deplored the dead who are forced to face repayments to their creditors. Analysts said at the national level, the informal credit sector would weigh 4,000 billion Yuan (454 billion), about 8% of outstanding bank loans.

In early July, the rating agency Moody's had indicated that for its public debt in China amounted to 36% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), taking into account the share of the debts of local governments for which Beijing assume direct responsibility. A few days earlier, the National Audit Office indicated that the debts of the provinces, municipalities and districts in China amounted to 27% end of 2010 China's GDP, representing a total of 1.163 trillion Euros. The same office was, however, insisted that 63% of this debt would be repaid through revenue budget.

But some of these claims, considered doubtful threaten the banking system so that the Credit Suisse sees the same "time bomb" the most dangerous of the Chinese economy. Much less "alarmist" shall we say politely, the Chinese government estimates for its public debt to about 20% of GDP. But it does not include in its calculation the financial elements of local governments, which are however not allowed to borrow directly.

Now where the rub is that they have borrowed huge amounts from the global financial crisis, via means of ad hoc structures called "financing platforms" or PFL. But according to the National Audit Office, the "ability to pay is low and faces potential risks in some areas and in certain industries." Indeed, in a snowball effect, some local governments have had to make new loans ... to repay debts previously contracted, also depends heavily on land sales to meet their deadlines. According to the auditors of governments of China, 108.3 billion Yuan (11.8 billion) of loans were made or used fraudulently, the money ends up in Banks real estate or stock markets.
A bit worried, Moody's said in turn that the Chinese banks lent 8,500 billion Yuan (905 billion) from a total of 10'700 billion Yuan (1.163 trillion Euros) to local governments ... a situation that causes a high risk exposure. "These debts existed before the global financial crisis, but they quickly accumulated over the past two years while investment by local governments has been used as one of the main tools" to revive the economy, adds Moody's.

Liability Insurance

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Forex Managed Accounts

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EU companies in search of the Euribor

While the debt crisis in full swing and the European Union - or at least the euro area - appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy, the European Commission tries to make the household among the speculators and "arrangements between friends." The current situation also appears to arise largely from certain financial transactions that some would not Catholic. The European Commission said Wednesday it had raided the eve of the financial companies’ active in derivatives on the benchmark inter-bank euro (Euribor). This indeed suspects that a cartel has been established.

"The Commission is concerned that the companies concerned were able to violate the antitrust rules that prohibit cartels and restrictive business practices," the Commission said in a statement ... without naming the main question. The Commission does not specify whether the inspections were carried out on its own initiative or upon the termination of the cartel by one of its participants.

Recall that the Euribor is, for a given maturity, the fixing calculated each business day at 11am French time, published by the Banking Federation of the European Union (FBE), an average rate at which a sample of 57 large banks established in Europe lend in white (that is to say that without the loan is pledged by securities) to other banks.

Following the release of the Commission, Euribor-EBF was ready to share its data with the authorities.
Cedric Quemeneur, director of Euribor-EBF, institution that compiles the interbank rate also reported apartheid 'confidence in the management of the Euribor. ""With the number of banks that are involved in determining the rate, determine the rate artificially would be impossible. I think the Commission is not familiar with how the reference rates are determined. We are ready to help, "he told Reuters.

According to sources familiar with the matter based in Frankfurt, the offices of Deutsche Bank in London would be part of institutions searched by investigators from the European Commission.

Straigtht Talk

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Potential for promoters and brands in co branded Credit cards Part.III

Then, the positioning of retail banking networks will play a key role in the organization of the market around these cards, to date, it remains to be determined. By partnering with offers co-branded, they risk a drop in sales of traditional credit cards, implying a de facto decrease in revenues related to contributions (the co-branded cards being offered at a price much lower). In contrast, waive offer these products may cause a loss of market share when demand for co-branded cards for the benefit of credit card companies 'captive' (subsidiaries of the distribution, automotive ...) or new entrants. The tactics seem to apply the major banking groups is to rely on their own subsidiaries consumer credit to play the complementary offers, while reducing the risk of cannibalization ...

Finally, a technical constraint - but significant - just reduce the potential of these credit cards. The choice of "cash payment" or "credit payment" in cash is not possible outside the network of retail partners, including the lack of standardization of EMV terminals.

This uncertainty is reinforced by the lack of feedback potential. Indeed, the very special place of the bank card in France compared to our European neighbors (almost all of the park to the EMV standard, high number of transactions, psychological ...) renders inconclusive any analogies with the co- branding practiced by our European neighbors. Under these conditions, the first move will engage in enhanced listening market reactions. For their part, the traditional players in the market for payment card will now have to think to optimize their organization in the event of a redeployment of their strategy for success of co-branding.

On a broader front, it is an additional axis to be included in the reconfiguration strategies means of payment that must implement the banks to adapt to new regulatory requirements (SEPA, PSD) and market developments (innovative means of payment for retail, process for STP of corporate cash management ...)

Untitled Jersey City Project

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It contains the total of eight short form chapters that will be out are flotsam and jetsam from a bigger tale, by means of a lot of chronicle tramps left behind uncertain. Everybody at this juncture has impressive to get- money, fame, power. Or else they can be defeated big, or they can finish up in dead.

Summary: In the middle of the huge buildings across the Hudson from New York City, a unblemished new city is being formed. On the rise designer Frank George wide awakes to an enigmatic call from Ray Rahne and goes to the building site and become excited to witness his associate lying dead. This is the new Jersey City but unluckily meant for Frank, the aged regulations are yet unchanged.
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Potential for promoters and brands in co branded Credit cards Part.II

The co-branded cards allow, a technical point of view, to combine:

    * The functions of a card "private" (when used one mode "on us", that is to say in a shopping partners). It opens all the specific services: credit, loyalty ...
    * The functions of a card "banking" (when used on mode "on them", that is to say, outside partner stores). It can then pay for purchases at any merchant equipped with an electronic payment terminal (EPT) or remove hope in vending machines (ATMs).

This device should allow going further in terms of loyalty. Besides disseminating the image of the brand with every new spending set by the wearer, the method allows to increase the accumulation provisions of points and possibly create a new need among customers not yet equipped cards.

More discrete, the arrival of co-branding will also allow retailers to renegotiate rates and commission charged plates with company’s consumer credit outstanding that manage card or to change partners.

Uncertain scope

Many uncertainties remain about the success of this system:

First, the process of replacing a store card with a Visa or MasterCard co-branded (or the systematic use of it if replacement is required by the sign) does not always value added significantly to the holders. This determination should be largely influenced by the potential affinity with the brand or the provision of fringe benefits.

This trend may be in favor of high-potential brands identification of dream or ostentatious (luxury, automobile, travel ...) but less favorable to the everyday consumer brands (supermarkets, health, fast food ...) they may have to pay more benefits to customers will finally convince a "subprime" (involving an increase in the cost and risk is a decline in the commission of the sign by the company credit ...)

Potential for promoters and brands in co branded Credit cards Part.I

After issuing co-branding interest on credit cards for many retailers (supermarkets, car, tour operators, telecom ...). The increase in sales, the new potential of loyalty or the innovative images of the brand are often cited as advantages of the device. However, this new model card is it so attractive it is understood, particularly for carriers that have already greatly expanded an offer for "credit card"?

The provision of means of payment through non-bank is not new. Credit cards say "private", which bear the logo and colors of the sign that the commercial offer, are already widespread (one person in four has at least one store card in Europe). These allow the wearer to pay for purchases in stores of the brand or brands in a community of partners (equipped with specific payment terminals capable of reading the map). End of period, the balance of expenditure is deducted from the customer's bank account specified in the subscription card.

For the wearer, the main advantage of these cards is access to credit facilities in the form of consumer credit. For the merchant, this device allows to increase sales through financing provided to customers. That is why they are often offered free of charge and available direct in store.

These systems of credit cards are designed and managed by the players specialized in consumer credit. Largely in competition in this market segment, they offer innovative and customized services to retailers. Thus, these payment methods usually offer several additional features:

* Choose from several formulas settlement at the time of checkout: cash payment, use of the reserve revolving unique to the card, credit depreciable independent promotional rates (especially during Christmas or birthday of the brand ...)
* Advantages of a traditional loyalty card: accumulation of points, good management and specific reductions, access to targeted campaigns (type balances private ...)
* Insurance and other additional services

In addition, this system is transparent to the user, since these cards are promoted and distributed by the sign at the point of sale.

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Micro Insurance and Micro Credit Part.III

In Model "producer-distributor coach," the producer performs all product development activities and sometimes after-sales service, while the distributor is responsible for the act of selling the product that was previously recommended by the attendant.
Networks to aid the economic initiative are well equipped to play the role of accompanist, using the leverage of their existing networks and building on already established relationships of trust with the micro entrepreneurs during assembly files microcredit. The staff of these networks still needs to be trained in insurance products to be able to perform its consulting business.
The coach may also carry out the deed, but more often it is the producer or a third actor playing the role of distributor. Contractors in the supply of the city, networks of support are not selling, they are responsible to the requirements and redirect to the creators of the City Contractors who takes care of distributing (without commission) micro-insurance products through its association and support the service remaining the sole representative of the member. The combination takes advantage of this special role to provide support (including legal) in the Proceedings of the insured.
Conversely, insurance products are better developed, based on specifications developed based on needs and financial capacities of micro entrepreneurs by insurers who have the expertise and capital required.

It is clear that the design of both products presented above are based on models of classic products insurance (liability, property and casualty business,) well understood by insurers and distribution models have proven otherwise. The innovation of this type of product then essentially comes from the mix design "optimized" (an insurance policy and a simplified marketing price equal to the cost of production) and distribution "local" (accompanied by networks of initiative Economic and associations).

The need for micro-entrepreneurs in terms of insurance is not new and it is questionable why such offers micro-insurance have not been developed earlier. According to Mr. Schinzler, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Munich Re, "the premium income is low administrative costs are relatively high and the infrastructure is lacking, as many arguments as to why the lack of interests of insurers in this market professionals. "
Micro insurance, such as microfinance in general, should not be seen as a vast market of the future with enormous future profits (insurers partners do not profit margin on products and distribution fees are zero). Today, it should rather be seen as an activity to meet the challenges of sustainable development in Financial Services, a theme which is too often accused the professionals of this sector of disinterest. The many recent initiatives in this area indicate the contrary a real desire...

Micro Insurance and Micro Credit Part.II

While microcredit is now well accepted in Europe among the types of funding, micro insurance is currently not among the first its risk management solutions. Yet it is a natural extension of microcredit to secure and sustain the long term activity initiated by the micro-entrepreneur.
The first offer micro insurance launched in Europe by Contractors of the City in December 2006. This "First Insurance Package" provides a standard insurance policy covering the three major types of risks faced by micro entrepreneurs and comprehensive coverage including professional liability, Welfare and Health. This is compounded by a range of options such as auto insurance products or comprehensive home. On a maximum of 4 years duration required for proper insertion into the economic fabric, it is available for less than € 1 per day.
The second offer was launched by AXA and Macif in partnership with the ADIE in May 2007. In part similar to the basic coverage, duration and price, it differs from the previous bid by the additional guarantees specific to the type of activity. Note, for example, guarantees for construction activities (from 1000 € / year) that are legally binding assurances.

It is interesting to note that these offers are based on micro-insurance business model "producer-distributor-coach." To understand this model, return on insurance mechanisms. In an offer of insurance, there are three groups of activities involved: product design, sales and service. The design is related to both the development and pricing to risk management of insurance portfolio and the investment of reserves and annual premiums. The sale includes all activities related to marketing, promotion and sale of the product. The service includes the collection, continuous premiums of the insured and the settlement of their compensation.

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Micro Insurance and Micro Credit Part.I

After demonstrating his interest in developing countries, micro-insurance - like micro-credit - investing developed countries. As proof, two offers micro insurance bound for micro entrepreneurs were launched in Europe in the last 10 months. Decryption ...

The importance of micro and vulnerability

Little media coverage, the world of micro, Nonetheless exciting. A study of DCASPL, 1 January 2004 there were in Europe 2,390,000 microenterprises, more than 95% of European  companies. All of these micro-employed 5,798,700 people, that is to say 1/4 of wage employment, and generated the same year more than 8% of  exports. In other words, micro enterprises are businesses that have real economic significance, and more, social.

Interesting phenomenon, according to INSEE figures for 2004, more than 220,000 micro-enterprises were created. And nearly a third of the creators were unemployed (half for more than a year). That is to say that much of the newly created small organizations, which are inherently fragile, are supported by people who are particularly vulnerable.

To address this vulnerability, micro entrepreneurs may find support from actors to promote economic initiatives such as PACE, ADIE  or active Europe. In addition to expert advice, these players offer solutions to meet the needs of the two main creators finance their project and manage risk.

Broadly, there are three main types of risks faced by micro entrepreneurs:

* The damage that the company could suffer in case of disaster;
* The damage that could cause the company to third parties;
* Risks that relate to people (health, disability ...).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Oil prices boosted by hopes for the G20 summit

Oil prices never ceases to oscillate at the mercy of wind, carried by the waves that hit pessimistic or optimistic current market ... unless these are not swing the tree hiding the forest of speculation ....  The price per barrel has closed up Friday in New York, spruced this time by the optimism associated with expectations of investors about the positive outcome of the meeting of G20 finance ministers held Friday and Saturday. They hope such a recapitalization of the European banking sector to take place.
Caution is however set as the market speculates on a possible continuation of U.S. demand, while consumer confidence is reduced day by day. The index of consumer confidence, released Friday, has in fact eroded again after showing a slight improvement in September. It now approaches its value in August, when he had touched its highest level since November 2008. Worrying figures that even the strong growth in retail sales in September in the United States could not control.  Yet, according to the Commerce Department, the increase was significant and that the increase was 1.1% compared to last month, well above the value of analysts' projections.
Finally, Friday, a barrel of light sweet crude for November delivery gained 2.57 dollars from Thursday's close, trading at 86.80 dollars on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).

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The Coffee prices to swing this week.

The coffee price swings between optimism and concerns about the global economy. Prices have indeed fluctuated between a renewed optimism in financial markets and reinforcing concerns about the poor prospects of the global economy. The course was first boosted by optimism the trend observed in global stock markets, the weakening dollar also makes it more attractive purchases of raw materials denominated in currency USD. The fall in prices of the bean in August and September also allowed investors to purchase "cheap".
But the improvement has been only short-term courses then reducing their earnings, concerns about slowing global economy resurgent optimism. However, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) said Wednesday in its monthly report. that the tensions could be exacerbated further by "extremely low world stocks and consumption remain robust."
Harvest prospects of the 2011-2012 season, which began this month, will prove to be not encouraging. Note as well as Brazil, world's largest producer, production is expected to decline by 10.3% over one year, if we are to believe the ICO. The months of July and August were indeed affected by a severe drought in the Brazilian growing regions. In Vietnam, the second largest exporter, "the lack of rainfall and the higher cost of fertilizer could affect crops," says the Organization. Which expects a fall of 10% of the Vietnamese coffee, made up almost entirely of robusta.
A t the end of London Liffe, a tonne of Robusta for delivery in November 1995 dollars worth Friday at lunch break against 2025 dollars the previous Friday at mid-morning. On the NYBOT-ICE New York, a pound of Arabica for December delivery traded at 240.95 cents 234.40 cents against the previous week.

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The Industry Compliance and Risk Management in Banking Part. III

Small companies portfolio management, often without record keeping function or UCITS depositary, are less likely than large private banks in the image of SG Private Banking and BNP Paribas Private Banking in France. The second, also known as reputation risk, is the potential risk of impairment of the company following the completion of an operational risk and is currently a major concern of private banks. Indeed, rather than retail banking, private banking built its success on its relationship with its customers and their perception of the bank whose image can be up to 80% of the value.

However, as evidenced by the reputational risk, difficult to materialize, quantify the value added of industry compliance is complex. As new operational risks ahead, the error would be to relegate to second place on the grounds that the instances of existing controls (risk, legal, internal control) are enough to support them. Most private banks have assimilated with seven out of ten organizations consider that the function is used to reduce or eliminate the costs of non-compliance [2]. The integration at the heart of the relationship with third party may even allow them to be a strategic advantage. On the one hand, customers are demanding their private bank integrity and accountability increased, the values defended by the industry compliance. Moreover, by making visible the intervention of the department compliance, managers can strengthen their relationship of trust with the customer and demonstrate that it has confidence of stakeholders in case of dispute. Of course, this procedure will remain balanced in order not to go against the productivity of managers.

Who says balanced does not mean limited. On the contrary, it is perfectly conceivable that in the future, the scope of intervention of the function widens, in private banking as in other areas of banking (investment banking, retail banking, and asset management). This could exceed the regulatory and ethics to include ethical and social values, thus meeting the new requirements of customers and shareholders, among others...

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The Industry Compliance and Risk Management in Banking Part. II

By its nature, the private banking business is subject to strong ethical obligations in a restrictive regulatory environment. Private Banks were able to adapt their organizations accordingly by developing a "sector compliance" deployed across their different levels and geographic features. Compliance is also declines in their information system. The tools available to the front office are now configured so as to detect transactions revealed a risk of non-compliance. Still, the legislation varies from one country to another, even within Europe, and in fact complicates the adaptation of the SI in a pooling system.

In this way, private banks have managed to build a culture committed to compliance throughout their organization, regardless of the level of responsibility and activity of its players, with supporting concrete ways (eg dissemination of "best practices "developed in-house or in collaboration with other banks to better support the fight against money laundering, etc.). in addition to the rules dictated by the ethics implicit in the strict sense. Daily collaboration between asset managers and compliance officers or the training focused on the regulation is widely involved in the dissemination of such a culture. All this should help avoid service failures often related to communication problems on compliance.

Thus, the various stakeholders of a private bank involved in the efficiency of the public and particularly to locking the risks of business and reputation. The first stems from the use of instruments with increasingly complex and specific risks (hedge funds, credit derivatives, etc.)..

The Industry Compliance and Risk Management in Banking Part.I

In 2004, the Parmalat scandal has revealed a huge hole in the accounts of the group of food while a considerable amount of money was diverted to tax havens, splashing in passing several private banks. A

Like Enron in 2001, these scandals have led to a stricter financial regulation, arguing in particular for greater transparency and increased customer knowledge, like the last part of the Directive for the anti-money laundering entry into force in 2005.

Against a background of risk management, the recent regulations (Basel II ...) were, in general, translated contextually in the legal departments of banks declined by their directions operationally risk, internal control, checking the correct application. Beyond these functions, the consideration of operational risk under Basel regulation and more generally the risk of non-compliance requires a related but separate governance, namely the "compliance". Commonly translated by the term "compliance", it transcends and includes the current notion of "ethics", focusing on compliance with the rules of conduct within the organization and vis-à-vis third bank, and especially under legal limits. Specifically, the compliance ensures that the bank acts in accordance with its rules, the law, the Code of Conduct, as well as best practices to avoid irregularities in the functioning of the Institution, its organs and its staff [1]. Therefore, in an environment where ethics is rooted in the everyday life of private banks for decades, compliance developed in parallel or even supplants to occupy an ever more important.

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