Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Micro Insurance and Micro Credit Part.II

While microcredit is now well accepted in Europe among the types of funding, micro insurance is currently not among the first its risk management solutions. Yet it is a natural extension of microcredit to secure and sustain the long term activity initiated by the micro-entrepreneur.
The first offer micro insurance launched in Europe by Contractors of the City in December 2006. This "First Insurance Package" provides a standard insurance policy covering the three major types of risks faced by micro entrepreneurs and comprehensive coverage including professional liability, Welfare and Health. This is compounded by a range of options such as auto insurance products or comprehensive home. On a maximum of 4 years duration required for proper insertion into the economic fabric, it is available for less than € 1 per day.
The second offer was launched by AXA and Macif in partnership with the ADIE in May 2007. In part similar to the basic coverage, duration and price, it differs from the previous bid by the additional guarantees specific to the type of activity. Note, for example, guarantees for construction activities (from 1000 € / year) that are legally binding assurances.

It is interesting to note that these offers are based on micro-insurance business model "producer-distributor-coach." To understand this model, return on insurance mechanisms. In an offer of insurance, there are three groups of activities involved: product design, sales and service. The design is related to both the development and pricing to risk management of insurance portfolio and the investment of reserves and annual premiums. The sale includes all activities related to marketing, promotion and sale of the product. The service includes the collection, continuous premiums of the insured and the settlement of their compensation.


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