Monday, November 7, 2011

Officials face unequal "one of two"

Staffing, the state officials are far from being housed in the same boat. A Defence and the Ministry of Agriculture, the rate of non-replacement of retiring workers should reach 79% and 73% in 2012. It would be only 31% for culture and bordered by an average 55%, the highest rate ever considered since 2008.

This is reflected in the general report of Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne) on the draft budget law for 2012. "The effort required to national education should be further emphasized: with 14,000 FTE (full time equivalent) less in 2012, after 16 000 FTE under the initial budget act for 2011, this ministry reaches The objective of non-replacement of an officer retiring on two "set by President Nicolas Sarkozy, to observe the general rapporteur.

30 512 POSTS (FTE) REMOVED IN 2012

A Bercy, nearly two out of three agents (64% exactly) retiring are not being replaced and has been for years. But in this ministry job-rich and resources, where agents have many categorical measures, this may be less difficult to live in a small and poor ministry, such as culture, where working conditions are worse , and return for productivity gains and the "cocooning" categorical, less important.

A total of 30,512 positions (FTE) would be abolished in 2012. On the whole legislature 2008-2012, and removed the State has almost 150,000 FTEs and save 4 billion euros in gross and net in two, "as 2 billion euros have been distributed to officers in place given the productivity effort that has been asked, "as the report notes.


There are also plans in 2012 for the first time since 1945, a decrease in the payroll of the state. This decline would reach 167 million euros. For this historical perspective to happen, says Mr. Carr, we must "avoid skidding uncontrolled current management, the image of what one has seen (...) for the year 2010 (+ 575 million euros compared to the forecast). "

 "Now observe, a bit treacherous, the UMP, despite the 970 million euros in gross savings resulting job losses in 2012 and the freezing of the index point in the public, reducing the payroll is a difficult exercise. "

Mr. Carrez is in fact that is already provided the following expenditures: "526 million euros in categorical measures (...); 92 million resulting from the slip-tech age (GVT) positive at 65.6 million under the guarantee scheme individual purchasing power (...); 54.2 million euros in low-wage measures on the perimeter of the general budget and 117.2 million euros for various measures, which 83 million euros for the organization of presidential and legislative elections (...) ". A total expenditure of 855 million.


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