Monday, November 14, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. IV

The potential improvements in the development of CFS are:

    * Improve the traceability of transactions (orders, invoices, making payments, cash) to the sender as the recipient.
    * Avoid litigation and the costs associated with their management.
    * Generate working capital through better management of financial flows. For this, banks need to adapt their offerings to the new needs expressed by client companies.
    * Benefit from the discount offered by suppliers in case of cash payment, without degrading its financial position since fiscal third rule for the acquiring company (reverse factoring)
    * Retain the most important suppliers
    * Increase the capacity to purchase the acquiring company

The other advantage of the SCF:
Long control of the supply chain was seen as a logistical necessity rather than as a real competitive advantage, however, the globalization of the economy no longer allows this way of thinking because it is cost savings to all levels to be able to offer the best prices. Control of financial flows is now the last piece of the savings. Therefore, enterprise customers are now very interested in the ability of their suppliers or customers to integrate into a process of "modernization" of tools related to accounting and finance offers available from financial institutions. Control its cash flow enables a company to offer customers efficient service and achieve economies together. It seems that the implementation of management solutions for financial information is involved, to some extent to meet the needs of business partners and thus contribute to their loyalty. However, in some areas as high technology, supply chain based on key players, specialized suppliers and rare it is imperative to retain.

The CFS will ensure the smooth flow of information related to financial flows and thus contributes to the flexibility of the entire chain by addressing the shortcomings of funding or access to financial information. Continue to operate from the old ways is contrary to the current economy and what it requires companies in terms of efficiency. Thus, it should be put in place systems to access information yesterday fragmented as companies seek to ensure unity became a key factor of success.
In short, it is called today to find solutions that integrate all the information (physical flows, information flows and financial flows) so that they can be exploited best by all participants in the chain supply and their financiers.
It is therefore not surprising that the recent emergence of offers of "Supply Chain Finance officials" within recruitment agencies


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