Monday, November 7, 2011

Supply Chain Finance Part. II

The sectors concerned are mainly industrial sectors: pharmaceutical companies, automotive and high technology are particularly interested in the subject because they are highly dependent on suppliers irreplaceable.

Search for a win-win solution: Supply Chain Finance is the answer to a tense situation between suppliers and buyers

Tensions in the supply chain are no longer bearable, especially for suppliers. Companies are entitled to protection from pressure on margins but not at the sacrifice of their suppliers. Suppliers and buyers are forced to find a solution other than the perpetual decline in prices.
The idea of supply chain finance was born. This is to address the control of financial information on the one hand (including bills) and the establishment of a better overall financing of the supply chain on the other.

Today many projects (SI solutions) are proposed around the new issues on the control of financial information but no offer (editor) does still oversee all matters related to the control of the Supply Chain Finance. Existing solutions are mainly focused on solving problems of compatibility between suppliers and buyers (invoice, litigation, recovery ...) or on solving existing problems within the major global with different branches or outlets are scattered around the world.

For example TradeCard Inc. and its offer platform "TradeCard" enabling the automation of financial management of supply chains, the order for payment. This solution was adopted by the group of ready-to-wear Cortefiel with 1290 outlets in 48 countries.

Launched by the company's bottom line interactive online portal "eXange Bottomline Business ™" allowing a real-time access to invoices in a centralized portal. Invoices are sent directly to the gate in electronic format or converted if necessary through a service for capturing paper invoices. This access is shared by all the suppliers and the purchasing company. Suppliers have the opportunity to express their bills directly to the portal (economy shipping costs) and to consult them as they wish to obtain information in real time the progress payment (better management and reduction of FDR costs of dispute resolution).

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