Monday, November 7, 2011

MEPs adjust taxation of real estate gains

MEPs adopted the amendment proposed by Gilles Carrez (UMP, Val de Marne), as amended, by the government, which is developing the new tax regime for real estate gains. He recovers, according to the general reporter the owners selling a principal residence and tenants selling their principal residence for the first time a property.

The amendment exempts from taxation of capital gains to the first transfer of a dwelling that is not a principal residence where the vendor is tenant's principal residence, as was the case before the 2004 reform. It aims in particular, according to Mr. Carr, to avoid the criminalization of young households, the Paris region or in dense urban areas, can not afford their homes because of the explosion in property prices.

"It's a misuse of the status of residence! It's very symbolic that your priorities are to satisfy a very small electoral clientele, "François de Rugy criticized (EELV, Loire-Atlantic) and Michel Bouvard (UMP) immediately accused of" ignoring the problems faced by middle class because of the divergent orientation of the cost of housing between the areas on and what does not. "

"Before the 2004 reform, said Pierre-Alain Mute (PS, Rhone), capital gains real estate had increased the scale of income tax, with a spread in time. But in 2004, you changed the taxation of real estate gains by creating a standard deduction to 19%tremendously unfair. The question would arise if you had stayed in the situation before 2004. "


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