Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stock Market basics-2

Every body should invest to financially  protect himself for the rainy day. Investment is different from business. Business is the source of your income. What ever you invest in the business in not your investment. But some spending like buying land for the business can be a investment. So basically business and investments are different.
Investment is for the rainy day. But business is for our regular income. There are different type of investments. It may be shares, Gold, Bond, or real estate. But what you save in banks as deposits are savings. There is a difference between savings and Investment.
Savings can be done in any form. It is saving the excess money in banks or in your locker itself. Savings would not grow as it is. When your savings turn into a investment, it is likely to grow. Properly saved money is a good investment. Savings are not associated with any risk. But investments are associated by with some risk. So investments are risk capital. Where as savings are not.
So Business, Savings and Investments are three different thing. If you could identify these three things, then you have passed your 10th standard in finance. Stock Market investment is an Investment. Stock Market Investment is a risk capital


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