Friday, November 16, 2012

Don’t Buy Gold!!!

    Why should we not buy gold? There are so many reasons not to buy gold. One of the first reasons is that gold does nothing, and it remains in the bank or in our locker. The only reason we are buying gold is that we are very sure that we can sell it to the higher price in future. In very recent article Warren Buffet said that the growing fear of loss and confidence in the market has motivated the practice of buying gold. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the gold prices have continued to climb. The lack of confidence in the global financial markets has let people to want something more concrete that cannot fail has placed gold into that place. As on June 2012 one kg of gold was about 41,525 Euros.

     Since the people hoped that future economic policies and the continued push for the progress will make gold as a profit buy. We don’t know when it will plunge. This is a risky game investing in gold. Globally the central banks of each of the county don’t want their people to invest in gold which openly displays how their people reject their paper money and hence they will act swiftly on day or the other. If the trend continues to be volatile then the governments will announce a very debilitating tax on this yellow metal to break the upward movement. If the gold market tend to monotonically increase then it will be good to the investments in stock markets. If the stock markets continue to fall then it will ensure a good appreciation in near future. Since the stock market is unpredictable when compared with the gold trend which followed a significant increase that lead to a bubble.

 Most of our readers aware that market is drive by the two namely fear and greed. Now we are in the middle of fear cycle. When it ends the cycle of greed starts immediately. If the gold bubble happens the gold price will fall and people will sell in bulk and they will forced to buy securities and therefore the stock’s price will increase. Hence it is ideal to buy gold as a small portion of our assets.


  1. Are you sure about this? Because the gold price has only increased and has marginally decreased in all these years?

  2. While the logic may be true... what also is true is that gold is the only universal currency and hedge against inflation. It is also the only security women in India enjoy. I suggest buy in Demat Form using SIP and not jewlelery if the aim is investment.

  3. Well, someone said: "Invest in gold and land because these are the only two things they don't manufacture anymore." But the prices of both are highly manipulated. Yet as investment what other options? Though personally I don't care for either and don't have any worthwhile investment in either...

  4. I am waiting for the day gold prices will fall.