Thursday, December 20, 2012

Want to be a millionaire?

Want to be a millionaire? Who is having his money well placed and with which, if he can easily ensure the financial independence, then he can become millionaire easily. Becoming a millionaire is not as hard as some people think and it does not necessarily to earn five or six digits to get there.

First and foremost one to be a millionaire is, you have to acquire a good financial education and build up some personal qualities such as interest, curiosity, perseverance, love to meet the challenge etc. Most of the millionaires have the excellent investing knowledge with action back up. Most of them read read read read..... a lot. Invest and Read books on personal finance that will make you to win thousand times of your profitable investment in books. The more you earn the more likely you will become a millionaire. However you should know the importance of spending less than you earn. Since you are in consumer society you should know the differentiate between your needs and your desires then only you can save more by eliminating unwanted expenses there by your savings will be more. Leading a simple life with fulfilling your only basic needs pave way for your millionaire dream. Never allow your bank account to dry. Minimize your debts and give first priority to repay them.

If you are to be a millionaire then you must work with your money. To achieve this every month you automatically convert minimum 10% of your income in to your savings. Preferably invest in shares of the growing companies that offer regular dividends that fill your pocket with passive interest. Diversify your investment strategies so that you will not be affected by the stock market fluctuations. Never forget to build a capital security to cope with the unexpected happenings. Finally keep it in mind; the millionaire has a plan and stick to it very firmly with a self disciplined manner. Unfortunately wealth in a quick time does not exist. With respect to your income you always open the opportunities for diversification. If you are earning more means you can invest more and that will create a snow ball effect on all your investments to generate even more.

 Spend less, earn more, save, invest these are the key and the strict rule to follow. Repeat this method as many time as possible.

 Last but not the least: Take action and be persistent in your work plan.


  1. Hi Rajkumar,

    Quite true, one needs to be disciplined in their savings and investments to achieve their goals.
    Thanks for this post.


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  2. Well a millionaire is not much today in Rupees term though a crore may still have some value.

  3. well a very good article, and it is very difficult to spend less if we earn more, thanks i accept your words.