Sunday, February 3, 2013

Few Financial Mistakes We Should Avoid!

Regardless of our income, financial situation or lifestyle, it is wise to manage personal finances and avoid unnecessary spending. Many people do not pay enough attention to where their hard-earned money goes. Here is a compilation of some financial mistakes and tips to avoid them.

Credit card Usage:

 According to famous economist, a credit card is an essential financial tool, but only when it works for you and not vice versa. The credit card allows you to make online payments, regulate your purchasing power, to accumulate rewards points and build a solid credit rating. By cons, it is easy to fall into the traps when you are in financial pressure. Avoid all cash advances, unpaid balances, minimum payments and late payments in a credit card. These are all ways leads you to get into debt and sullying your credit reputation. It is also necessary to handle the number of credit cards and their limits as they may hurt you when you apply for a car loan or mortgage.


 Do not holding a personal budget is a mistake that could cost you without you even knowing it. Holding a budget is your advantage to take the time to analyze your income and expenses and then focus on what is important to you. A budget is not synonymous with austerity, but prosperity, because knowing where your money goes and you can avoid unnecessary leaks profit pleasures (restaurants, trips, outings and other). 3. Not realize that the "little expenses" add up quickly. You maybe realize or not, but daily losing $ 3 is more than $ 1,000 annually, enough to pay for a trip! Day to day, these expenses seem innocuous, but your budget will prove just the opposite. A simple change in your habits will save you considerable sums.

Financial commitments:

When you make financial commitments such as buying a house, a car or even furniture, make sure you do not live on the edge of your means. The game plan here is in case of a loss of income that would stretch or if an increase in interest rates and therefore monthly payments. Live to the nearest dollar that you do bring additional stress and not happiness.

 Having an emergency fund:

 Would you be able to find $ 2,000 to repair your car in case of mechanical failure? Can you able to pay $1,000 for unexpected medical expenses? In addition to a transaction account (also called checking account) and a savings account, you should have an account for emergencies to bet the contingencies of life. Do not rely on your credit card to fix these problems because you risking to pay the price. Do take advantage of discounts: Without falling into consumerism, trying to find good deals when shopping. Competitive traders such as banks, dealers, supermarkets, shops, tour operators and others cut their prices to have you as a customer, so enjoy. Just be careful: a discount is not necessarily a bargain!

Open a joint bank account:

 Love is blind, it is known. Opening a joint bank account may seem like a good idea when the relationship is doing well, but when things escalate, you may regret your decision. Make arrangements just between you and your spouse and think twice before opening a joint bank account. Avoid unnecessary bank charges: Paying a withdrawal fee is an aberration! Try to withdraw money from ATMs of your bank and take larger amounts to avoid annoying situations. In addition, you will be less likely to spend the cash on you compared to a credit card.

Take advantage of tax cuts:

 When you make investments or save money, you use all the financial vehicles available to save tax? The government offers a variety of products for tax saving which are tax-advantaged. Contribute the maximum to those who make the most sense for your situation.

Plan your future:

 We are good at planning things trivial: dinner with friends, a romantic evening or a weekend with the family, but how much time does we spend planning our future? Buying a house, organizing a major trip, planning a career or studies are all crucial decisions. Make sure you think about and plan for your future that is to your liking.


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