Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Social Capital and It's Importance

Recently I came across a article which described about Social Capital and its importance and how we can save a lot of money for little or nil effort. And here I wish to give you a brief outline of it and show you the value of the social capital. What is social capital? The Social capital is the capital which is obtained through service to others. With every service rendered, you get a chance to get some favor in return. For life in the big cities, it is certain that it is more difficult to accumulate social capital because people know little and therefore do not see the value of helping someone. However, in small towns, social capital is a much more powerful tool.

Large firms are much less present, and competition is less severe for small traders. Prices in chains stores like bakery, supermarket, mechanics, etc are extremely high relative to manufacturing costs. But shopkeepers in smaller cities may sell goods and provide services at a much lower price. A price that is even lower if you helped this person to move last week. Let us see how to create and use the capital with some examples. Helping your landlord to perform certain tasks in the building could help you reduce your few dollars rent and reduce in your share of maintenance expenses of the building you are rented. Organize your neighbor’s lawn and help him to mend repair his truck or be a baby sitter for someone. Using the social capital depends on what you need.

The idea of social capital is to serve without knowing what service you will receive in return, not even knowing if you need anything from this person in the future. This is why it is important to build social capital with people from varied occupations and knowledge: a kind of diversification of capital. To summarize, social capital is a very powerful tool that many can use to save money. Moreover, it is highly likely that social capital have preceded the money as a way to exchange services. The important is to build a kind of community of people around you who are able to perform various tasks and help you in many areas.


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