Friday, April 5, 2013

Banks, Are they really protect your savings?

The political and economic world is undergoing a profound crisis of faith. Faith simply means faith in ethics, faith in political leaders, faith in money, and faith in banks. A publication recently revealed that banks are our real risk and their inventories are distressing. Banks are losing confidence of the customers and they are more defiance in debt rationalization in some European Union countries. The question is what will happen for your savings if the bank is insolvent or in case if it could not provide you liquidity for your savings? Hence it is best to diversify your maximum savings and evenly distribute them in reliable banks. Few banks are retaining their name by keeping the money and credit in order. Most of the financial credit banks first enrich them self and then the objective. Most of the gold jewelers and banks keep their customers against the bill of exchange which help them to sell this gold to many people at the same time are created loans with interest and unbridled pursuit of profit. A force to lend money to their customers, money speculation is based on the promise of repayment and eventually became a source of debt to the state level. Because of the amount of outstanding loans exceeds more than money in circulation to repay. This is how the bank in its current form was born. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive / Deloitte in December 2011, banks are now three times more detractors than promoters. Three out of ten European expressing their distrust an institution supposed to sell their confidence is a lot. A reputations of the banks were tarnished very much recently for various reasons. ( to be Continued)

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  1. Bank Vs Account Holders ? Well.. your article actually highlights the issue which creeping in slowly and yet steadily
    Who do we consider reliable bank ? SBI ... its the best Indian bank if you want to keep money securely and do not transact on a daily basis ... coz if u do .. u'll faint knowing how they operate .. goes with almost all nationalized banks ...BoB seems a little better though !!
    Private banks ... I just hate them for being over professional .. in giving loans and cards and then trapping you with their numerous evil hands ....Gold when you go to mortgage .. you get half the price true sense ... so the original value of gold detoriates when u need to encash them.. mutual funds as mentioned are subject to market risks which coincidentally is always at risk and I have lost several thousands thanks to reliance and Chola SIP...
    For me safe and gr8 returns are from land which we buy in a group 0f 5 and sell in 3-5 years of time !!
    Since then I have stopped risking my hard earned money in banks ! I mean just use banks as wallet !! nice post !! looking forward for the continuation .. :)