Friday, April 26, 2013

Dramatic Decline In The Price Of Gold!

In this month, the price of an ounce of gold has decreased by over 12%. This is the largest decline in the price of gold last 33 years history of gold. A decline in the selling price of gold, which affected the activity of buying gold from the counters of the jewelers around the world and it create a new rush in the bullion and gold coins across Asia and America. The ounce of gold traded in London at $ 1,790 October 5, (the highest price in the year 2012-1675), Friday, 12 April it was $1548 and on Monday and fell to $1416 before stabilize in the next few days between 1380 and 1400.

 Many explanations have accompanied the fall of the price of gold, some were optimistic and explained the decline of renewed confidence among investors in the economic and banking system as they no longer fear a collapse of the international banking system and no longer reluctant to put their money in financial products. So it is indeed signal the end of the crisis. Other explanations are much less positive considering that it is the fear of a resumption of the weaker global economy that was expected, resulting in less stress on the commodities market and therefore a lower risk of slippage in prices. Gold, he did not forget, is primarily a protection against inflation.


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