Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reason behind Buying Gold!

Buying gold is favored by almost all investors and laymen in the field for three main reasons: In fact, buying gold would be sought from the purchase ornament that the metal is a store of value and a safe haven much more net growth in a context of crisis especially now. Indeed, buying gold is the only safe other than the other monetary valued purchase. It is for these reason even central banks are getting into and carry out purchase of gold. Buying gold is a kind of asset protection for professional investors who believe that buying gold is a good investment for both the long term and short term benefits. This not to mention the attractive European taxation regarding this specific area stipulating a progressive exemption by 10% annually and that from the third year of the tax on the capital gain that would result in a tax exemption on the capital gain after 12 years of holding gold assets.

 Buying gold for the purpose of hoarding seems reasonable for several reasons. Indeed, buying gold is hoarded in order to avoid the trustee payments but also by a fear of an upset or simply to avoid certain estate costs. This leads us to say that to capitalize on gold through buying gold can only lead to benefits. In addition, buying gold is going to be a real guarantee despite it does not generate revenue. Therefore by purchasing gold, it is good before speculating wait for the right moment when gold allow you to generate good profits. As such each would behave selfishly by hoarding their gold and wait for the right moment because gold cannot be a generator of profit.


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