Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Gold Prices Falling Because of the Fed

The Federal Reserve has brought down the price of gold this week as investors reacted to the announcement of the U.S. central bank, suggesting that it would progressively restrict its extraordinary support measures to U.S. economy. The ounce of gold and has tumbled nearly $ 100 in the space of a week, from Thursday even below the threshold of 1300 dollars. This is something that had not seen for nearly three years. Friday, the price reaches $ 1295.45, which is its lowest level since mid-September 2010. Perverse effect of supportive policies, the Fed now considers the views of official figures, the economic recovery appears to begin in the United States no longer justifies the pace with which it buys Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities. These are the operations that are currently around 85 billion Euros per month. However, the withdrawal of these liquidity injections, which dilutes the value of the dollar, greatly reduces investor concerns about a possible resurgence of inflation. Thereby making the purchase of precious metals such as gold is much less attractive. The barbarous relic while losing its safe haven qualities, strengths as a bulwark against the rising prices are having so little appeal.

Some analysts believe that gold is now in a vicious circle, the decline in encouraging investors to liquidate ETF (investment funds backed by physical gold stocks). Thus, the most important of these funds, has seen its shares fall below 1,000 tons of gold this week. However, these new gold ETF disbursements weigh themselves on courses, racing somehow the machine. Meanwhile, physical demand is affected by the measures taken by the Indian government. The authorities have indeed raised the customs duties on the yellow metal, while the rupee is at a record low against the dollar. Now, gold imports will be allowed only for purposes of jewelry making. In addition, importers must now pay for their purchases in cash, without payment facility. India believes that these imports represent a significant portion of its current account deficit. A policy should reduce gold imports during the month of June, while India is the world's largest consumer of the precious metal. Finally, on the London Bullion Market, an ounce of gold finished at $ 1,295.25 at auction Friday night, against 1391.25 dollars at the end of last week.


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