Saturday, August 31, 2013

Network Vulnerability Assessment

With advanced technology playing a very important role in our daily functions by way of the internet, it is essential to secure your network from any possibility of cyber attacks, or any other risk involved in the internet world. We have service providers who test the systems and applications and perform information security risk assessment on all security programs. A security assessment is conducted to ensure that the information system security controls are implemented correctly and functioning as per the desired level of security. They identify industry’s specific assessment business risk, with its economic impact of cyber attacks and the impact on the absence of any action. Through these analyses they are in a position to check the loop holes which create risk in the technology and help to build a tough security to protect the systems and application which they can rely on with satisfaction. Network Vulnerability Assessment is conducted to identify the weakness in the information system which can be misused. These providers deploy their team to the customer’s location and also provide training to them on industry best practices and render all the support needed.

Vulnerability assessment and security should be performed for all information system on regular schedules to safeguard from the risk of cyber crimes which are prevailing in the cyber world. Security threats are a continuous process which needs an ongoing vigilance network monitoring as well and audit processes which may be provided either with imbedded personnel or as an external service. As cyber security provider they offer customizable and comprehensive network suit on security services and technology. They provide current state of the art in network architecture, operating systems and protocols with the help of their experts on board which varies from traditional IT and telecom to SCADA and ICS networks. They are well versed in 1990 vintage computers controlling programs and logic controllers for assembly, legacy systems and operating systems Their team also have vast knowledge and experience on the application of NIST, BERC, CIP, ISA as well as NEI standards with regards to industrial control systems from SCADA and DCS to PLC and LAN WAN networks.


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