Friday, March 14, 2014

How To Overcome Your Financial Sins!

Financial Sins
For starters, what is a sin financially? This is simply any type of expense that you might be likely to regret. It is very important to check its excesses and even those related to money. The problem is that it is difficult to know if you will regret a purchase until you have made. Personally, I have a personality that I was often pushed to the consumer, so I often "sin" financially in the past. But it also allowed me to make some purchases with passion and thus to consider improving my personal life (A brand new second car parked in my portico). To avoid having to follow the same path as me, that is to say from the blind without a real plan to buy, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Is it an impulse buy? To realize this, it is best to go buy items accompanied by a friend or family member. It is always easier to realize the stupidity of a purchase when you're in the presence of someone who brings an unbiased view and objective. Another good way to resist is the "30 day rule". If you're not sure you really want something, wait 30 days and if you want to always run is that it is not an impulse purchase (this does not mean that it must buy it, but simply that it is a deep and abiding desire). Is that it is a purchase in connection with my goals? Most purchases you make must follow some sort of guideline, guided by your goals. Your goals are not necessarily financial, but it is important that every purchase fits into logic. This will allow you to more easily distinguish between good and bad spending.

Can you check the result? Many types of expenditure are to be avoided because of their addictive potential: gambling, tobacco, drugs and alcohol are things that you need to say no. If you have the personality of an "addict", consider spending some as prohibited, and authorize certain periods of the year (which should allow you to enjoy while keeping the activity within a limited time) .If you are a couple or married, give a lot of importance in the fact those two decisions. Your spouse can refuse a purchase and therefore bother you at the time, but he / she will also support you in a purchase, thus removing any sense of guilt.

Before any major purchase (depending on the current size of your wallet), it is important to ensure that it meets these conditions. If this is not the case, remove it from the list immediately! However, if the conditions are met, and that you are not likely to do too much harm to your savings, then you can move on to phase purchase. In summary, control of desires spendthrift comes from the identification of the quality of the purchase. Someone who controls its financial sins will be able to perform incredible savings, because the person can distinguish a good from a bad purchase.

Once the above conditions are met, you can add one more rule: No major purchase without getting off. There is always a way to save money on a large purchase. Whether a mattress, a TV, a phone or a car, it costs nothing to try to dig up a small (not big) discount. Especially some "%" reduction can quickly turn into hundreds of Euros on this type of product.


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