Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Google Declares ‘Inflation’ As the Least Searched Topic

The cost of living is increasing day by day due to the rise in the prices of essential commodities throughout the countries. As per the Google analysis of the search trends the term ‘inflation’ comes out a biggest buzzword from the Indian searches. The term inflation has seen a tremendous search interest in past few years but now this has completely died down with such a decline that it is now being declared as the least searched topic on the search engine this year.

This is credited to the rate cuts in the crude oil prices along with new productive reforms initiated by the government. However bad weather coupled with unexpected rain and dense fog and triggered a sudden rise in the wholesale prices of the vegetables.

Inflation Term Showed A Peak In Search in 2013

The searches for the world ‘inflation’ on the Google’s search engine peaked around mid-August to end-October in 2013. But this very trend shows a mightier dip in interest for the same time period in 2014. The successful general elections followed with a robust and stable government at the centre has ensured that the interest remains ignited around the market price war. The new government has effectively managed to address the issue of ‘inflation’ in a more dignified and forceful manner than earlier government. This is being reflected in the decline of the searches based on the inflation in the past few months.

Uttar Pradesh Generated Most Search Queries For Inflation

On national scale the term inflation was being searched from all the parts of countries alike but an in-depth analysis of the regional interest rate shows a much clearer picture. Uttar Pradesh generates the most number of search queries related to inflation followed by Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh along with Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Year based analysis indicates that 2010 was the year which showed highest search interest in ‘inflation’, a slight dip was seen in 2011. People had taken the help of the search engine giant Google’s network to increase their understanding of the inflation and to keep tab on the various developments related to the grave issue of price rise and inflation.

Repo Rate Was Also Searched Frequently

The subsequent rise and fall in the rate inflation in last few years had also affected the bank interest rates to a great extent. Search queries were also generated around the ‘Repo Rate’ which is set by the Reserve Bank Of India in order to counter the inflation. This also shows that how much impact or concern people felt during that particular time interval with the frequent price rises and inflation.

The inflation was at its peak in 2013 and ‘Repo Rate’ related queries showed a peak in the Google search results in month of September.

The drop in the price of crude oil in international market has resulted in the recent roll-backs on the fuel prices. The searches are being continuously made on the repo rate as people are expecting a cut in it before February 2015.


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